Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pinterest Inspired Easter Photo Shoot

A Pinterest inspired photo shoot

Are you a Pinterest Junky?  Do you troll for endless hours looking at all the beautiful images that inspire you to create amazing things just to find out that in reality, it's not as easy to re-create that perfect shot as you thought it was going to be?  I believe that those of us in the crowd who might call ourselves slightly addicted share a few similar traits......

1.  Eternal Optimism
2.  Boundless Enthusiasm
3.  Panaglossianism

NOTE:  I had to do a little research on that last word but as a mom of 2 College kids, I thought I should show them that I too can use big words in a meaningful way.  I think it will help them relate better to their mother when they return home for Summer break!

Pinterest is our Utopia.

Pinterest gives us hope.

This week found my daughter and I trying to take some photos for our Easter advertising campaign using my favourite model, Wee Three.  We both understood that this wasn't going to be easy.  We had planned 3 different settings based on Pinterest photos we thought were ADORABLE.  All that remained was the execution.  How hard can it BE to photograph an 8 month old in bunny ears?!

Piece of cake, right?

This was one of our Pinterest inspiration photos

Right from the start it became evident that at 8 months old, Wee Three is easily distracted.

I was the photographers assistant.

My model was determined to see what was going on behind her.

I think I may have to take a few classes in the art of baby photography if we ever try this again.

This Pinterest photo gave us our second setting

Our next shot was even more challenging due to the fact that Wee Three was not particularly excited about wearing a hat......

and as I was the photographer's assistant, it was my job to keep it on her.

Unfortunately, there was the added complication of a big brother wandering around the studio in search of stray easter eggs and generally creating as much havoc as possible.

At one point in the session I was so focused on keeping our subject in line that I tripped over something and nearly broke a leg to avoid landing on the white back drop for fear of making it dirty.

I wasn't worried about landing on Wee Three.  She has so much extra padding she is like one of those Sponge Towel guys.  She would cushion my fall no problem.

I leave you with a few of the final photos that made the grade.  Enjoy and happy PINNING!


3 Responses to “Pinterest Inspired Easter Photo Shoot”

rosa veldkamp said...


You guys did a fabulous job!

I will put my hand in the air and say I too am a Pinterest junkie and as soon as I'm finished posting this comment I'm going to have to google the word panaglossianism. ;D

And I LOVE the sponge towel guys . . .

Ruth Van said...

Wow, you start working those young ones at a very young age! :)
Love the creativity.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love it!!!! Too cute.

Have a delightfully lovely Easter.