Thursday, June 20, 2013

Behind the Scenes - CTV Noon News Garden Segment

Colleen Christie and I enjoy a little punch together during a commercial break
Yesterday I went on local television to do a gardening segment and basically I shared with viewers the groceries I bought at Safeway the night before:

Pink Lemonade concentrate (which was on sale, BTW.  5 for $5)
7 UP
Garlic sausage
Goat Cheese
Sun-dried Tomatoes

Yup.  That's what I did.  I told everyone who would listen to buy what they probably already buy.  My kids were mortified.

"Mom, couldn't you have just been a LITTLE more creative?!  You were on TELEVISION.  You could have presented something just a little more DEEP, don't you think?  Couldn't you just PRETEND you made that punch from scratch?!"

And then Mini Me asked me if I she could have the dress I was wearing because apparently I finally bought something that's HIP.

I gave it to her.

I want my kids to love me.

Now, as I was preparing this current segment last week, I had a number of panic attacks just thinking about what to present.  When I had emailed the idea to the producer, it seemed like a great concept.  An idea on paper always seems quite logical.

What was my original pitch?

Get the most out of your garden by using the K-I-S-S method.

Keep - It - Simple - Stupid.

It all made so much sense until.......

I realized that STUPID might not be a word you can use on live television.

There was nothing I could do though, by the time I realized it.  I would just have to go with it.  It's kind of like CLIFF DIVING Tamara style.  Your only option is to take the plunge once you are at the precipice.  For all I knew, they would have to BLEEP me.

I hoped CTV Noon News had a delay in place to give them time to deal with a guest like me!

As per usual, the Big Guy was my ROCK and REFUGE in times of trouble.  He just calmly went about loading and unloading all my props with his quiet demeanour.   Anyone who knows him though, would not be fooled by his cool-as-a-cucumber facade.  They KNOW what he is thinking.....
The Big Guy hauling all the props up to the Studio
 "Why did I ever marry this NUT BAR?!"

The poor guy never knew what hit him the day we met.  If he could have seen into the future, he would have turned tail and run.

Now, I also had the incredible help of our newest Team Member at Milner Village Garden Centre, Shelley, designer extraordinaire.

Shelley is such an amazing gal.  I feel really blessed to have crossed paths with this lady.  I don't think SHE knew what she was getting in to either when she happened to wander into the VORTEX that is Darvonda!

We managed to make it to the studio very early this time.   Last time the elevator was not working and it took us forever to get all our props up to the 3rd floor and set up.

This time we were ready early so that gave me time to really start getting nervous.

My kids tell me that they can see how nervous I am in this picture.

They don't know the HALF of it.  My mind was on over drive while I was sitting here.

"What questions are they going to ask me?!  Why didn't I receive a script by email like last time?!  What if Colleen doesn't like pink lemonade?!"

The CLIFF DIVE appeared to get just a little higher.

Fortunately for me, the camera guy was a really nice fella.  He told me how things would work, explaining that there would be a 10 second segment before a commercial break where the camera would focus on me and that I should do something interesting for the shot.

Last time I did a segment.......I waved.

I was mortified with myself but that was all I could think of doing.

Good thing my Little Angel did NOT forget my previous humiliation and made sure to text me the following:

"Remember.  Don't WAVE!"

What would I do without my KIDS?!  They are just so HELPFUL.

So, I can thankfully say that when the camera man told me to DO something this time.....

I chose to turn my corn on the cob with my brand new tongs on my cold as ice BBQ.


Once the segment got going though, I felt like time sped up.  As soon as the teleprompter starts scrolling it feels to me like taking a leap......

I can feel the wind in my hair as I descend at break neck speed......

I can hear myself talking.......

I think I may have been rambling......

Colleen is looking at me like "Who IS this NUT BAR?!"  Who can blame her?

Oh Colleen, WHY didn't you STOP me?!  If we ever do this again......please, feel free to kick me under the table.  I am used to it.  I won't be offended.

The really adorable thing about the whole episode is how, once the camera's were turned off and we went to commercial break, all the crew encircled the counter and polished off my goodies within the blink of an eye.  It felt so ENCOURAGING to know that simple really does work!

Following our morning adventure, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch at the Craperie close to the studio.  Shelley and I indulged in a Nutella Martini......


 a delicious cocktail which I can HIGHLY recommend.  Chocolate + Alchohol = Yummy Goodness.

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped out including Mini Me who had to race out from Langley with the PINK LEMONADE and the 7 UP which I had forgotten at home in the fridge.

What an awesome daughter!  I have no idea WHAT I would have had to substitute with if she hadn't come out to save the day.  WATER?!  Oh my, that would have taken SIMPLE to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

If you would like to watch the episode, click HERE, however you have been forewarned.


6 Responses to “Behind the Scenes - CTV Noon News Garden Segment”

rosa veldkamp said...

LOVED this post Tamara!

Where would the world be if no one ever had the courage to jump the cliff??

Also love the fact that your dress matches your table bling. . . ;D

Nancy-Mom said...

You didn't look too nervous and you did a great job although,next time, look at the camera a little more often to show that you are NOT nervous and for us all to see your smile :o)
Loved that your dress matched your bling as well. Love that color, one of my faves.
Loved all the beautiful flowers Byron schlept in for the set :o)

Shelley @ Sow and Dipity said...

Great post Tam... I think the whole thing flowed seamlessly. I can't wait to do the next one!

TBH said...

You could substitute "silly" for "stupid"... just an idea, Doesn't quite have the punch, but would work. Great post. I love the disparaging way you write, but I do take it with a grain of salt!

Chandra said...

Loved it! The d├ęcor was lovely, and you did great. I don't remember your hair being so blonde, but it looks lovely! Also love your new smile. :)

I am almost afraid to say anything negative, but I'm just going to make a suggestion for future use... as a photographer who's used to looking for all the little details, the creases in the table-cloth drove me nuts. Maybe toss an iron in the back of the truck with the rest of the props next time? :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What fun! You look SO pretty. My husband is Ricky to my Lucy too. We're lucky gals. :)

Have a very happy fourth of July!