Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Transforming Terracotta - Chandelier DIY

Do you ever have it that you wake up at 5:30 AM with an idea that is just so MIND BLOWING that you absolutely MUST get up just to make sure you don't lose THAT THOUGHT?!

I had one of those mornings THIS morning.

They happen often.

It drives me crazy.

But, I shouldn't complain because it is usually in moments like that when I get my BEST ideas and today was absolutely no exception.  This morning, as a matter of fact, was the morning I came up with my latest idea for an up cycle chandelier project that is to die for.  The idea has been percolating in my brain since my team and I visited the North West Flower and Garden Show in Seattle in February where we saw this fabulous creation.

Sow and Dipity took such a BEAUTIFUL photo of this chandelier!

I may have mentioned a few times in this blog that I am a chandelier fanatic so you can imagine how this beauty caught my attention.

In the wee hours of the morning while the Big Guy was still sawing logs, I hopped out of bed, made myself a cup of tea and just started trolling the internet for ways that I could make a version of this which fits my style sense a little more closely.  Of course, you never troll alone at an early hour like that and soon I was chatting on line with my sister Rosa.

What are sisters for, right LADIES?!  They keep you company when your mind is all in a tizzy, trying to find the meaning to life or at least......

some NEW idea for a chandelier that would knock your socks off!

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything.



So, I decided that I needed to go out and do some field research.  That is my code word for "shopping".  And I am a very lucky woman when it comes to shopping because I live right across the street from an Antiques dealer, no less.

Napier Antiques

There is absolutely NO SHORTAGE of inspiration here!

As a matter of fact, my neighbour could almost be considered a HOARDER if not for the fact that his stuff sells so fast that he can't keep up with the demand.

In my books, it's not technically HOARDING if you sell a few things once in a while!  Then it is just a LEGITIMATE business.

I will admit, I dropped a few dollars here this morning.

It's just all so CHARMING in a rustic, funky junk kinda way!


I did not find the elusive chandelier idea that I was desperately searching for.  None of my neighbours junk was quite the kind of stuff I needed.

I got desperate.

I called in the troops and went junking in my own back yard.

We've got a lot of cool stuff back there in the "bone yard".  Things that still have some value to some one.  We just haven't figured out WHO that someone is.

Wee Two assisted me in my search for Chandelier GOLD......

"Hey Gramma, what about THIS cool thing?"
and suddenly, there it was.  The missing link.  The last piece of the puzzle.  Now I could finally get started.

I called in some muscle because, as with all of my chandelier projects so far, I need someone who can lift heavy objects high into the air.  Seeing as this old iron gate I purchased this mornings was of a somewhat heavy nature, I called for some assistance.

Meet Juan.  He's the braun of my muscle department.  He can bench press 150.  Probably more but I didn't think he would tell me if I asked.

The other half of the team is Jaz.  He is the supervisor for this particular project and ensures that all sorts of safety precautions are implemented when mounting a ladder and hanging heavy objects in public places.

Do not fear, Juan is wearing his safety harness but we purposely obscured it from the camera so as not to ruin the picture.  Great job guys.  SAFETY FIRST, I always say.

The next step was to hang my gems.

Terracotta pot gems, that is.

I bought 7 of them at Home Depot (we will soon have them available in the store but I keep forgetting to place my wholesale order with the pot supplier) for a great price.

Then I used THIS crazy contraption that we normally use in the greenhouse to hang poinsettias above the warehouse.

A 6" pot fits just nicely inside the hoop and latches on to hooks high above the the shop floor.


Just what I need for my chandelier.

Wee Two was trying to give me a hand with this brilliant new idea of mine.  All the excitement was making him a little wild.

"Come on Gramma!  Hurry up and hang that thing, would ya?!"

"Patience is a virtue when a true MASTERPIECE is unfolding"

"Should I put one over here?"

"Maybe I should get that ladder back here before I pull something!"

AND VOILA!  A Flower Pot Chandelier.

I think it looks quite SMASHING above the garlic and the parsley, don't you?!

Isn't it amazing how you can go from THIS...

to THIS.....

without breaking a sweat?!

Now, what up cycle project should I tackle next?  Can you GUESS?!  Here is a CLUE.

But for the time being I had better stop hanging out on PINTEREST because all the good up cycle ideas I see are creating an enormous "To Do" list of projects that just keeps on growing.

Like a weed.

An intervention may be required.

Excuse me but my paint rollers are calling me......


5 Responses to “Transforming Terracotta - Chandelier DIY”

Anonymous said...

That is one chandelier that might be a little difficult to water...

rosa veldkamp said...

I LOVE this Tam!
Of course I also love the fact that you can do a project like this in a pretty outfit without getting covered in dirt the way I do! ;D

The next time we have an early morning chat and your mind is full of projects . . . Share!
It would be fun to try out the same project and see how they each turn out.
I can guarantee they would each be unique.
Miss you. :D

Lori E said...

Make sure you post more shots as they grow in.
I have gone from shopping in your store to visit your neighbors hoard....I mean store lol. Lots of cool things.

Nancy-Mom said...

I agree with Rosa, it's lovely and so is the outfit. Bet you went and changed into that after you did all the work :o)

Nancy-Mom said...
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