Saturday, April 20, 2013

Earth Day Up Cycle Wars

It may be raining here in British Columbia, but there is no shortage of work this week in the store.  That is because we decided to do an Up Cycle war together with a bunch of local businesses here in Milner. We figured that it would be a great way to mark Earth Day this year and since flowers are what we do, we wanted an Up Cycle challenge that involved PLANTS!

Now, I have already shared my two other Up Cycle projects, the Garden Gate Chandelier and the Recycle Tire Planter but I still had one other project up my sleeve that I wanted to tackle.  I had seen some big old kerosene drums out in the back field when I went treasure hunting last week with Wee Two.

My Little Angel, Lydia told me that a TRUE Up Cycle is one where you don't PURCHASE anything but find ACTUAL junk that you have lying around the house.  She was implying that my previous two submissions did not actually QUALIFY since they did not come out of my own personal stash of junk.

But the KEROSENE DRUMS were a true and bonafide eyesore in my back yard.  They qualified.

So, I had someone on the team haul them over to the shop door where I could get to work on preparing them for plants.

Now, I have had to deal with some teasing from my sister ROSA in regards to the fact that my method of carrying out an Up Cycle does not require me to get my hands dirty.

EXCUSE ME but I would have you KNOW that I am an INTEGRAL part of this creative process!

Yes, indeed!   I mean, would you just LOOK at what the humidity does to my hair while I meticulously supervise every aspect of the process.

I went and chose the PAINT.......

I painted the base coat.....

I added all the fine details.....

Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone but Mini Me is the ACTUAL artist on this particular project.


As a matter of fact, I DID get my hands dirty planting these babies up this morning.

This is clearly NOT a STAGED photograph.

Genius, I tell you.  Just GENIUS!

However, I had not counted on the wind factor and lost one of the umbrellas within 30 minutes.  These lovelies have now been moved indoors where they are quietly waiting for you to visit and admire.

And yet.......that is not all.  No, I also spear headed a Pallet Garden DIY project that I thought would be really fun to do.

Can you tell I have been on Pinterest lately?

There is no END to the madness.

Here is my version of the incredibly popular project as seen in every Garden Inspiration Pin Board ever pinned.

First of all, I had to save these pallets from the burn pile which was raging all last week.  Anything combustible was being tossed willy nilly on the fire in an effort to clean up behind the greenhouses.  I had my eye on these not-so-heavy pallets as a perfect lady project.

I also found a filthy dirty, previously-used roll of landscape cloth behind one of the sheds which was perfect for my purpose.

Throw in a couple of staples along the sides.....

fold the corners in a neat little upholstery type fashion.....

secure the bottom.....

and add a little extra bracing at the back.  Easy Peasy!

My first attempt at using an electric tool in my entire life.  I feel so empowered!
Next you add in a little bit of soil.....

and of course, some plants.....

and then you're done.  It's just that easy, people.  Go ahead and try this at home.  If Tamara can do it, YOU can do it.

Then, for a REALLY fun time, invite all your friends over to do one WITH you!

This does require that you will need multiple staple guns....

and numerous electric power tools.

If you do this right, you won't even damage your manicure,

and you will most likely make a new friend at the same time.

This particular project is definitely better done in teams of two or three.

One person can wield the heavy tools.....

and the other can stretch the landscape cloth.

As a matter of fact, this project is so simple, even 8 month pregnant women can do it!

"No, I am NOT just about due.  I have 6 LONG WEEKS to go.  Please stop asking, thank you"
Oh, my poor daughter is so pregnant and yet so dedicated to helping us get all these wonderful events off the ground at Milner Village Garden Centre that I sometimes feel a little guilty for taking so much of her time.  Nobody ever said farming was easy.

The good thing about being a farmer in the spring, though, is all the beautiful colour we get to enjoy.

And of course, we get to meet a lot of REALLY nice people ever day too!  I am told that coming here is addictive.  I wonder why?

Now, let me end this Up Cycle blog post with a quick run down of all the entries we have received from local Milner businesses this week.

First we have a few entries from Napier Antiques, across the street from my place.

Then we have the entry from Milner Valley Cheese who make fresh goat cheese that is to DIE FOR!

As well, we have an entry from the Christ Covenant Church who is just busy pouring the foundations of their church which will soon be my back yard neighbour.

Last but not least are the Milner Village Garden Centre entries.

So, make sure you stop by Milner Village Garden Centre's Facebook page and vote for your favourite. We would love to hear from you this week!

Now, I am off to go soak my sore bones in the hot tub with my grand kids this afternoon.  It is Saturday after all.  A little down time is in order, I do believe.


4 Responses to “Earth Day Up Cycle Wars”

Nancy-Mom said...

Good job Tamara, doesn't look like much work at all. ya just slap it all together and voila, a beautiful display, right ??? :o)
Gulp !!

rosa veldkamp said...

That is sooo stinkin' cute! :D

Karen said...

I love all the entries for the Earth Day upcycle. Going to suggest to my local Washington County Oregon nursery that they do the same next year.

Karen said...

I love all the entries for the Earth Day upcycle. Going to suggest to my local Washington County Oregon nursery that they do the same next year.