Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ad Matrem Meam

         Note the title. This is not to be confused with the class of rhetorical fallacies including ad populum, which is to base an argument on the grounds that the population is in agreement. In this sense, Ad matrem meam would be "appealing to my mother" (e.g. "Your honor. I did not steal the vehicle; my mother always said to share.") Instead, Ad matrem meam is an address… to my mother.

Yesterday Pastor Wilson gave a lecture on the art of debate. The actual debate occurs when the opponent shows us the evidence for his argument. The object is to refute his evidence and maintain your own. Once you have done this, you win. Sounds easy, but f you are going to win you need to employ a strategy. Your strategy will be to find a proof that is both necessary for the opponents argument and a proof that you have the ability to topple. In Wilson's words your attack must be decisive and feasible. Kind of boring, I know. I will admit that I closed my eyes more than to blink during the lecture.

Strategy is not just an abstract concept to be discussed in a classroom, it also has practical applications. Have you ever wondered why there is such a large church community with a christian high school and a liberal arts college in the small town of Moscow, Idaho? The principle of strategy is the very reason. Jim Wison, Pastor Wilson's father, wanted to find a strategic point on the map for evangelism. That point is Moscow. Moscow is decisive because there are two large universities within eight miles of each other. The young college kids are the perfect evangelizing opportunity. As for feasibility, well, I'm here in the community right now, so we can check that off the list. 

There is a reason I'm telling you all this and it has to do with the fact that you are in China for the second time in two weeks. Some might call that a bit crazy, but the proper term would be, 'necessary'. Twenty years ago, perhaps without even realizing, you and Dad came up with a strategy. Your strategy was decisive. It would witness to hundreds of employees and thousands of customers in Costco's across the nation. Your strategy was feasible because dutch blood makes plants grow. It is necessary for you to be in China right now because you do not do anything half-ass, and no Christian ever should.

Your work right now is very stressful- I know this because we used to live in the same house. As long as the business does not get in the way of your worship, the stress is no reason for you to question your strategy and back out. Remember that the seemingly uncontrollable growth of the greenhouse is not the business spiralling into chaos to meet the market's demands, it is God's providence. You have been given ten talents; don't ever think about burying them.

Praying for you and Dad from across the globe.
Your fair-haired son, Reuben

You are no longer subject to any time zone. 
Travelling to China twice in two weeks has placed you in limbo.


3 Responses to “Ad Matrem Meam”

Rosa Veldkamp said...

Well that made me cry!
It's going to make your mom cry too . . .
Aunty Rosa

momofcrt said...

Well written. Wonderful testimony.

Anonymous said...

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