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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Busiest January in Recent Memory

I don't know what is going on lately but my life is getting busier with every week that passes, regardless of the fact that 3 of my children have gotten married in the last few years, leaving me home with only 2 of the original 5.  I'm almost an empty nester and things are just getting outrageously busy.

WHAT'S HAPPENING?!  I thought it was supposed to get easier as the kids moved out!

This week there is a big Agriculture Show going on in Abbotsford so our account manager at Scotia Bank asked me to make a small display for them to use in their booth.  Of course, even though I just returned from a big sales trip to Ontario, I said YES!

I love getting CREATIVE!

Then I spent all last week trying to help my Little Angel with all the details I could for our Spring Catalogue which needed to be finalized for this week.  She works for weeks and weeks to get a beautiful display of all the great items we offer our customers this coming season into a gorgeous glossy magazine format that is very time consuming to produce.

Gramma gets to babysit when my Little Angel is working.  Gramma LOVES to babysit!

Not only am I a designer and a saleswoman, I'm also  a PROFESSIONAL POTTY TRAINER.

Bet you didn't know that.

I'm also inspired to INVENT new things when the grandkids are around.  Anything to help make the work a little easier on me while they are over.  Check out this clever IDEA I came up with........

A dual purpose pot that can be used as a baby bath chair in Winter and a container garden in Summer!

One size fits 5 months to 2 years.

Now all I have to do is print up some good advertising materials for this new product and off it goes to market.

Then of course, I am also support staff for my ever talented brood of artists.  When Anderson Cooper finished THIS school project......

I helped out by disposing of all the props in an economical and humane manner.

They gave up their lives......

to feed the hungry!

Such a generous sacrifice was appreciated by all!

As well, the big greenhouse EXPANSION continues on.  They've been pouring cement floors for a full month now.

The new propogation house is already filling up and we are working over time to get all our cuttings started for Spring 2012.

So this morning, I was chatting with my sister ROSA and explaining that my blogging has been rather sporadic lately because I've been so busy and she sweetly reminded me that I had not yet announced the WINNER of the GREAT POINSETTIA DECORATING CHALLENGE!

How did I forget that?!  I mean, I even HIRED (a glass of wine and a bit of cheese was all she required)  a professional florist to do the judging for me and I STILL haven't announced the WINNER?!


Donna from Funky Junk Interiors!

I think I'm gonna hand deliver her prize.  Maybe she'll take me along for dinner?!  So, if you're out there Donna, there's a gift certificate just waiting for you here.  Even though it's crazy busy at Darvonda these days, I promise to get it to you BEFORE the spring rush.

Now, I'm off to the Agriculture Show to check out that cool booth from Scotia Bank.  They sure do have some great customers!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 in Review

2011 was a GOOD YEAR!
I know, I'm late.  It's already January 4th and this post should have been a week ago.

What can I say, I'm a procrastinator.

I mean,  believe it or not, we didn't open Christmas presents until January 2nd, as per usual!

I make no excuses except that Christmas shopping AFTER December 24th is the BEST way to SAVE!

Well, you can save on everything except ALCHOHOL!  But there is a good excuse for this gift.


You see, Cinderella was just getting psyched  for her trip to an all-inclusive resort in CUBA......

and all her gifts were geared to making her journey pleasant and trouble free!

Now, it's a dutch tradition to make poems with all your gifts.  In that tradition, all gifts are actually from Sinterklaas (or Santa Claus in English) and HE is the one who spends all year writing prose for the big night.

Take this following little rhyme and see if you can GUESS what the Sint brought for my newest son-in-law:

St. Nick thought, dear Evan an amiable fellow!
He's always coherent and consistently mellow!
The cumulative effect of this lads growing knowledge
Makes finding him gifts more laborious then when in college.
Upon pondering, speculating and examining with care
St. Nick thought to teach Evan about Solar Flare!
Not only will Evan be intellectually stimulated....
Entertainment and amusement are a bonus, Nick stated.

Can you guess?!

It's a......

Oooops!  Sinterklaas forgot to remove the price tags.
DVD of the first season of The Big Bang Theory!

Ha ha ha ha.  Ho ho ho.  Oh that Sinterklaas sure has a way with poetry!

NOTE:  Watching a sitcom called "the Big Bang Theory" does not mean that the author of this blog believes in the Theory of Evolution.  Just wanted to clarify that for my faithful readers who know what a faux pax that would be for a conservative Reformed lady like myself.  If this side note is causing you nothing but confusion, please skip over the italicized type and continue on reading, you are probably not from around these parts.  It's not that important.  Pretend I never said anything.

And just so you procrastination does force me to be as efficient at Christmas shopping as any one woman can be.  I chose ONE store in the Mall in which to purchase ALL my gifts for this year.  When you only have 2 hours to shop, wrap and write prose, you do what you gotta do.

Thus, all my gifts were somewhat themeatic this year.....

The wrapped gift is just MORE OF THE SAME

but I managed to get it all done and only be 30 minutes late for the party!

I should probably make a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION to start my Christmas shopping earlier this year but it's highly unlikely that I will be able to fulfill it so.......I'm not even gonna bother.

Now, that brings me back to my original topic, THE YEAR IN REVIEW.

I won't bore you with all the details since all you need to do is go back and read my older posts.  Suffice it to say, IT WAS A GOOD YEAR!

There is ONE thing I forgot to share with my blogger peeps that I really need to rectify.  Do you recall our trip to Holland this summer?  Do you also recall that we were taped for the Hour of Power program in the Netherlands?  Well, I am finally remembering to post the link to the actual program which aired November 6th in Holland.   

To view the whole Jansen 5 interview, click on the program highlights you want to watch.  First part of the interview is in dutch with Gramma and then Junior finishes off in english!