Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Making of a Music Video

Being the start of the busy season here at Darvonda is never an easy time.  The stress level in the greenhouse is at a maximum, what with 20 acres of Spring hanging baskets and bedding plants just waiting to be shipped to the stores the moment the sun starts to shine here in beautiful British Columbia.

And yet, we have an even MORE exciting event on the horizon here at my place which has been many years in the making......
Mini Me is releasing her very first SINGLE!
For me, it's very hard to BELIEVE that this is even happening. Of course, I always KNEW she was a ROCK STAR

Yup, she finally bit the bullet and put herself out there. 

 Of course she had the help of some amazing peeps to get this whole thing produced.  The set design was done by my FAVORITE blogger and stylist in the whole wide world, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors!

 This woman can make things out of old pallets that you could NEVER even imagine.  I bet she could build me a mansion out of all those old pallets out behind the greenhouse if she set her mind to it!

Now keep in mind, the day the video was shot was also the Donna's 50th birthday!

I made sure that we celebrated this huge milestone with all of the crew late that evening but.......

sure as Murphy's Law, they first had to deal with some typical British Columbia spring weather which stopped filming in it's tracks!

The ladies plugged on undaunted once the hail stopped falling and my most favorite photographer in the UNIVERSE was there to capture all the fun.

Click photo to go to Dragonflight Photography blog
My Little Angel was the videographer on set.....

and Opera Diva was girl Friday.  No film set is complete without a girl Friday!

You may now realize that if all of my creative progeny were out filming then  Wee One and Wee Two are somewhat unaccounted for.

Never fear, my blogger friends.  That is where I fit into the picture.  This Gramma LOVES it when a plan comes together because it means SHE gets to BABYSIT!

Oh, I just can't resist those beautiful little cherubs.  They are such precious little peeps!

So, the video officially releases soon............

but in the meantime Mini Me is making sure she has her back up band well trained for her upcoming world tour!

Yup.  Wee One has JOINED THE BAND!


8 Responses to “The Making of a Music Video”

Rosa Veldkamp said...

Can hardly wait!

Nancy-Mom said...

Good thing she's got some great backup there. Waitin for the big day !

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh shucks... such kind words! Thanks so much! :)

Your girl is definitely a rockstar! It was a complete privilege being a part of Breanne's production! And thank YOU for the lovely birthday dinner to end the day just perfectly! Had a blast!!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You have such a beautiful and talented musical family. So nice to see the wee ones in there too. I'm sure Breanne's video and career will be a big hit.
Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment.

Vintage Home said...

Thanks for dropping by & leaving your sweet comment!
Your daughters song is amazing & the group she had for the photo/video.....wonderful!!

Donna said...

Oh that Hail!! Maybe it's Mother Nature paying homage to Mini Me ie: All Hail to MM and her amazing abitility!! Hope it turns out very successfully and I know what you mean about babysitting...wink! wink!

Stephanie said...

I read all about the making of the video set, and watched the music video on Donna's blog and then the next day you commented on my blog and here it was your daughter. They all did a great job on it for sure. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my vintage table makeover.

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