Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Busiest January in Recent Memory

I don't know what is going on lately but my life is getting busier with every week that passes, regardless of the fact that 3 of my children have gotten married in the last few years, leaving me home with only 2 of the original 5.  I'm almost an empty nester and things are just getting outrageously busy.

WHAT'S HAPPENING?!  I thought it was supposed to get easier as the kids moved out!

This week there is a big Agriculture Show going on in Abbotsford so our account manager at Scotia Bank asked me to make a small display for them to use in their booth.  Of course, even though I just returned from a big sales trip to Ontario, I said YES!

I love getting CREATIVE!

Then I spent all last week trying to help my Little Angel with all the details I could for our Spring Catalogue which needed to be finalized for this week.  She works for weeks and weeks to get a beautiful display of all the great items we offer our customers this coming season into a gorgeous glossy magazine format that is very time consuming to produce.

Gramma gets to babysit when my Little Angel is working.  Gramma LOVES to babysit!

Not only am I a designer and a saleswoman, I'm also  a PROFESSIONAL POTTY TRAINER.

Bet you didn't know that.

I'm also inspired to INVENT new things when the grandkids are around.  Anything to help make the work a little easier on me while they are over.  Check out this clever IDEA I came up with........

A dual purpose pot that can be used as a baby bath chair in Winter and a container garden in Summer!

One size fits 5 months to 2 years.

Now all I have to do is print up some good advertising materials for this new product and off it goes to market.

Then of course, I am also support staff for my ever talented brood of artists.  When Anderson Cooper finished THIS school project......

I helped out by disposing of all the props in an economical and humane manner.

They gave up their lives......

to feed the hungry!

Such a generous sacrifice was appreciated by all!

As well, the big greenhouse EXPANSION continues on.  They've been pouring cement floors for a full month now.

The new propogation house is already filling up and we are working over time to get all our cuttings started for Spring 2012.

So this morning, I was chatting with my sister ROSA and explaining that my blogging has been rather sporadic lately because I've been so busy and she sweetly reminded me that I had not yet announced the WINNER of the GREAT POINSETTIA DECORATING CHALLENGE!

How did I forget that?!  I mean, I even HIRED (a glass of wine and a bit of cheese was all she required)  a professional florist to do the judging for me and I STILL haven't announced the WINNER?!


Donna from Funky Junk Interiors!

I think I'm gonna hand deliver her prize.  Maybe she'll take me along for dinner?!  So, if you're out there Donna, there's a gift certificate just waiting for you here.  Even though it's crazy busy at Darvonda these days, I promise to get it to you BEFORE the spring rush.

Now, I'm off to the Agriculture Show to check out that cool booth from Scotia Bank.  They sure do have some great customers!


6 Responses to “The Busiest January in Recent Memory”

Nancy-Mom said...

It's about time, I was beggining to get a cramp in my finger from checking for nothing every day for how long ?? :o)

Marina said...

Ι was tired to read about everything you do...! Imagine YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you to be healthy and strong to manage everything well!!!

Rosa Veldkamp said...

Congratulations to Miss Funky Junk! She did awesome things with her poinsettias! Glad you had a chance to blog. January is always a challenge for me when it comes to blogging. Between my annual cold, winter blues and the inescapable desire to purge and overhaul the entire house. . . . well. . . blogging falls to the bottom of the list.
Thankfully it's almost February! :D

The W.O.W. factor! said...

LOL! One busy woman! I'm going to go up and see your place someday, looks awesome. LOVE the grandbaby pot!

Nancy-Mom said...

Uhhh, it's now February !!! :o) between you and Rosa, I'm getting sore fingers from looking for nothing. Feeling guily yet ??:o) Actually I've been too sick with a massive cold the last # of weeks to look to often but, I'm baccck, so get to it ladies !!:o)

T.B.H. said...

You must REALLY be busy, here it is almost March and not one post in February!!