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Friday, February 18, 2011

Desperately Seeking Landscapers!

Our search for Landscapers is on-going at Darvonda.  I mentioned a few days ago that we are in dire need of hard working, energetic and plant loving landscapers to help us this spring to service our temporary garden center locations from here to Winnipeg.

You would think that this is a very easy task.  There must be OODLES of peeps out there that want this amazing job, right?

The problem is, Landscapers are very busy outdoors, in the gardens, mowing lawns or shoveling snow.  It seems that a lot of them can't find the time to apply for our job.

What can a person do to get them EXCITED about this once in a lifetime opportunity?! 

At our last management meeting, we decided that we had to better ENTICE our prospective service representatives with an exciting description of how much fun it is to work in a garden center.  Even give them tips on how to help the customers plant a better garden this year.

If you are a Landscaper, you NEED to watch the following video.  If you KNOW a Landscaper you need to call him or her and tell her to watch this video.  If you are not a Landscaper, please feel free to watch this video.  It's going to make you WISH you were a Landscaper so you could apply for this job.....

We have operators standing by!

Now, don't forget that it's Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie's where you can find some great gardeners sharing their tips with you too.  Check her out!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flowers + Wedding = Love

Dragonflight photography
It has been crazy busy around the greenhouse as usual.  Presentations are being made.  Plants are being grown.  New product lines are being developed.  I haven't had much time to keep updating my blogger peeps about all the projects I have on the go right now which makes me worry about y'all.  I get up in the morning and wonder "What are my sisters going to say?!  I didn't blog like I promised!  I'm in BIG trouble now".

So I decided that it would be easier to keep them updated via Twitter.  I may not have time to write a whole blog post but I sure can send a few updates once in a while when I'm out and about......or even if I'm just stuck behind my computer.  So, now I have a Twitter account and my sisters will have to stop giving me a hard time for not keeping them in the loop.  Follow me on Twitter, ladies.  You will be sick of me in NO TIME FLAT!  Just click here to follow me on Twitter.  That way I won't feel like I let you down so much.

Now, I've been wanting to share wedding pictures for a while but the Big Guy is always checking up on me to make sure I'm doing my office work instead of blogging.  FINALLY he is too busy with trying to keep the transplanting robot running today.  That means I have a little bit of time to play instead of work.  He'll never find out what I was up to because he doesn't actually read my blog.  Can you BELIEVE that?!

So, here is the most gorgeous brides bouquet (can you spot which flowers were silk in here?).....

for the most beautiful bride!

Although, the Wee One is quite a great accessory too.

I couldn't decide which was cuter.  Was the bouquet?

 Or was the Wee One?

Maybe it was the champagne that was clouding my judgement.

In the end, the ceremony went off without a hitch.....

although there was some controversy regarding whether or not Junior would kiss his Mom in front of all his guests when he brought me in church.

All I was worried about was to make sure not to trip in my super, duper high heels.

The Wee One was absolutely adorable.

Unfortunately, she didn't manage to last too long and we had to remove her from the proceedings.

What's not to enjoy about an hour long wedding ceremony for a toddler?  I just don't get it.

Here's another adorable photo of the Wee One for your viewing pleasure.

This Gramma is SHAMELESS!

Next, it was off to the greenhouse......

for a wonderful pre-dinner cocktail hour.

This time I remembered to include some seating for those guests who really needed a place to rest.

Most people stood up so that they had a better chance at getting some of Chef Gary's appetizers that were being passed around by his staff.
Or maybe it was to make sure they didn't miss out on a second glass of champagne?

For the first hour and a half we were entertained by the amazing Dave Martone and "Cadabra"!

Dave Martone and Kadabra
These guys are just super AMAZING!  The Wee One really appreciated their music.

I think she wants to grow up to be a musician some day.

Or maybe a back-up dancer. 

I think either one might be an option but she certainly entertained us all by busting a few moves up on stage.

The dining area was set up all in white and it just sparkled like a diamond.

The flowers were the perfect finishing touch.

And, can you believe how FABULOUS our DIY chandelier turned out?!

During the dinner hour we were entertained by Danny Boneduce, little brother to the groom.

I think the Groom was completely inspired by his bro and decided to play some romantic music for his bride in response.

I heard a rumor that a few of the guests were moved to tears by his soulful playing.  I think Cinderella was moved the most.

 Once dinner was over and we finally got the Big Guy to quit hogging the microphone......

it was time to cap off the evening with a cigar.

I know what you're all thinking.  "Wasn't that a fire hazard, smoking inside a tent made of ORGANZA?!

NOT to worry......

the Big Guy did a pre-wedding test and tried to light the organza on fire before anyone was ever allowed to light up that evening.  Good thing his test proved negative or the men would have been out in the cold.

Well, next week I'm back off to China to do some more organizing for the next wedding.....

Opera Diva and her fiance
and I hear that the bride and groom-to-be have booked the Wee One for their FLOWER GIRL too.  I just can't wait!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

6 Easy Steps to Successful Importing

I took this picture on my trip to Hong Kong with Junior last October.  Don't you just love the expression of peace and tranquility that this sculpture exudes.  I RARELY feel as calm as this.  As a matter of fact, I have probably NEVER felt this calm in my life. 

Maybe it's the kind of friends I hang around with......

I'm thinking I should take up Yoga to help calm my nerves.

The reason I am feeling a bit jittery these days is a simple one.  In a few words, we have to go back to
China as soon as possible.  There are containers being loaded and planters being developed that need our personal attention.  Now, normally I can't show you what we are working on when we go to the Orient so as to keep our projects under wraps until they hit the store shelves.  It's no different this time.  Every new design has to be kept TOP SECRET.  But I thought it would be interesting to show you how one of our OLD styles was developed for a change. 

This is a retrospective.  A look back to the year gone by.

Step 1:  Fly to the Orient

The biggest worry I have about the flight is always "WHO will sit beside me?!"  I hate it when the person beside me SNORES or constantly needs to go to the bathroom.  I try to give those people the stink eye but it normally goes completely unnoticed by strangers.  That's when I call for the stewardess!  She ALWAYS sticks up for me when the passenger behind me won't stop kicking my seat.

Step 2:  Find a good Hotel

A room with 2 double beds is EXCELLENT when travelling abroad with Junior.

A room with 2 double beds is LONELY when travelling abroad with the Big Guy.

Step 3:  Visit the factories while they are in production to check on progress.

checking frames for our NEW pot cover

Step 4:  Ensure that quality is a maintained.

Assembling the frames and colored mesh

 Step 5:  Double check the final product before it leaves the factory.

Step 6:  Always eat a large meal after a long hard day's work!

May we suggest HOT POT?!  It's our FAVORITE!  Right Big Guy?

A word of caution: ASK QUESTIONS before you eat something.  Otherwise, you never know what you might ingest. 

Definitely avoid eating any RATS!

If you follow these steps carefully, your project may well be a great success !

Click picture to read Steve Whysal's article in the Vancouver Sun


you may still have a FEW problems along the way, regardless of how many steps you follow.  Nothing that a little glass of VODKA won't cure.


Monday, February 7, 2011

FTD Roses Are On Their Way!

Griff's Red Buck Rose
It's Valentines week in the horticulture industry......and you know what THAT means!  Roses are being sold by the millions, inspiring LOVE and WARM FUZZY feelings all over the world.  It's amazing what sort of emotions a simple little ROSE can evoke in us ladies, isn't it?

Even though we don't grow or sell roses here at Darvonda, I wanted to get in on the action.  So last Friday I decided that I was going to send a dozen roses to someone out there in blogland.  I know I would REALLY love to get a dozen roses by mail and so would my sister Rosa.  So, I figured there must be a few more peeps out there with that same craving. 

The winner has been drawn, ladies and gentlemen.......and the WINNER is Beth from Beyond The Garden Gate in Iowa.  I was meandering around in her garden this morning.

Beyond The Garden Gate
and I have a feeling she has some seriously GREEN THUMBS! 

Beyond The Garden Gate
 It just feels so SPRINGY down at her blog, especially her June 2010 posts.  They will lift lift the spirits of any gardener who is dreaming about fresh blossoms and garden parties.  Snow BE GONE, I say!

Now, all those beautiful spring flowers got me all dizzy and excited.  I can't wait till the sun starts shining and chases away those gloomy grey clouds.  I wanted more people to share in my bloom induced I decided to pull a SECOND name from the bucket.

I know, I'm crazy like that!

Well, guess who won THAT bouquet of ROSES?!

Escaping to Life
My darling niece Colleen who just so happens to live in with this darling little cabbage patch doll in frigidly cold Southern Alberta!  I know that you could really use a bouquet of Roses to get you through the next HALF YEAR till the perma frost abates a bit.  I'd bring them to you myself but it's just too rotten cold in Coaldale to ever visit.

I must apologize to my darling sister ROSA who was the one who gave me the idea in the first place to give away some flowers.  I'm sorry that I didn't pick your name.  I know you NEEDED those flowers.  I feel even WORSE knowing that....... I gave Lisa a DOZEN AND A HALF red roses for her birthday yesterday!

The 3 Sisters

I LOVE you too, Rose!  I really, REALLY do!