Friday, November 4, 2011

BC Boys Provincial Soccer Tournament This Weekend

Believe it or not, the Big Guy and I have decided to take off for the weekend.  I know, it's hard to believe but Anderson Cooper and his highschool soccer team have made it into the BC Provincial Soccer tournament being held in Kamloops this weekend so........we decided to tag along.

Now, inorder for us to be able to attend we had to send Junior and Cinderella on an urgent trip to China to collect up all our Spring 2012 samples and tend to the many details that go along with that.  Yesterday we dropped them off at the airport.....

and, through the magic of blackberry technology, we already know they have arrived safe and sound.

We also know that THEIR hotel.....

and OUR hotel.....
are not quite what ANY OF US had anticipated.

Well, now we are off to watch our youngest son WIN the Provincial championship.  Check out Anderson's latest video highlights of yesterday's games.  Kokiak'a are 2 and 0!  Go Kodiaks!!