Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Anderson Cooper Connection

The other day Danny Boneduce was busy on a project that I had no time to pay attention to.  He was constantly having friends over, borrowing camera equipment, and spending countless hours in the office on the computer.  I had no idea what he was busy with until he sent me a youtube link.........

Click HERE to see video

The thoughts which flashed through my mind as I watched were as follows:

1.  "Wow!  Do you ever look like ANDERSON COOPER!"

2.  "Wow!  You CLEARLY have a future in journalism!"

3.  "Wow!  Where was your MOTHER when you were flying around the yard on a golf cart, risking life and limb just to get a spectacular piece of footage?!"

4.  "Wow!  You are EXACTLY like Anderson Cooper!"

Really, it's no wonder you and Anderson are so similar.  His MOTHER and I are so similar as well......

Gloria Vanderbilt and ME

From henceforth, I will refer to my youngest son as Anderson in all future blog posts.  After this video, I will never be able to think of him as Danny Boneduce.

My little boy is all GROWED UP!


2 Responses to “The Anderson Cooper Connection”

Becky K. said...

What a chip off the old block! Too funny.

And I thought it was just my Mikey and his friends who did stuff like this.

Amy said...

Last week, when Alaina showed me the first one he did, that was my first thought - 'WOW does he ever look like Anderson Cooper' - you hit the nail right on the head with this one Tam! When I read this post, I just had to laugh!