Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Venetian Themed DIY Wedding Extravaganza

The big event has come and gone.  All the party decorations have been packed and put away.  The kids have flown off on their honeymoon........and all I'm left with are some pretty awesome memories!

Thanks to Dragonflight Photography, our FAVORITE photographer in the whole wide world, we have some incredible images to gaze back on!

The BRIDE was absolutely STUNNING......

which is a given, of course.  I mean, she is MY daughter!

The groom was looking pretty dapper as well.

It's hard to believe he's not accustomed to having his picture taken!

I'm thinking that he didn't even notice the photographer.  He was too busy giving his adoring bride kisses.....


The whole day was just tons of fun and I got to tag along as babysitter to the Wee One.  She absolutely loved all the airplanes at the Museum of Flight where we took the first photos.....

She IS in these just can't see her.  She's sitting in the cockpit!

Who's idea was it, anyway, to get the pictures taken here?  Must have been the men who wanted to have some TOYS in the photos.

Personally, I think the choice was GENIUS!

Next we headed off to Domaine de Chaberton, a winery just 10 minutes from our house.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a photo shoot......

and again the Wee One was hard to nail down for pictures.  Gramma was happy to chase her around in the vineyard while everyone else posed like America's Top Model contestants.

See, I TOLD you she was there!

We lost her a few times.  Toddling off amongst the vines was just too much fun for her to resist.  I don't think the Bride and Groom even noticed.

Amazingly enough, we managed to make it to the church on time as well......

and then whipped off to the GREENHOUSE where we enjoyed a COCKTAIL HOUR in the Venetian themed garden my sister and our landscaper guru built in a day.

Christmas lights inside the paper lanterns lit the night just perfectly.

Everyone enjoyed a glass of champagne and did a bit of wine tasting with some fabulous selections from Domaine de Chaberton.

The home made chandelier glowed in the evening light.......

made out of simple glass Christmas ornaments and a couple of pot lights mounted on a piece of plywood.  Who would have thunk it??!!

Venetian masks were laid out on the tables for the guests to take home.....

and quite a number of guests were also found willing to give the floral arrangements a good home at the end of the evening.

To make the evening feel just a little more venetian we ate Caprese Salad, Chicken Pene and Tiramisu baked by Chef Gary.  The entertainment set the italian mood with Michelle and Joel, Opera singers extraordinaire as well as a roving troupe of slightly tipsy ITALIAN wanna be's......

CLICK HERE to view video

So, that's all it takes to make a Venetian Themed DIY Wedding Extravaganza.  All you have left to do is cut the cake.....

and say goodnight!

Simple, right?

Did I go too fast for you?  Want to see that again?  Here's a video of the whole event for your viewing pleasure from our favorite Videographers, Hellow Tomorrow

rebecca + evan || like a princess from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.


4 Responses to “A Venetian Themed DIY Wedding Extravaganza”

Rosa Veldkamp said...

It was a wonderful wedding Tamara.
And I had a blast building that garden with your garden guru. I knew I'd be put to work when I came, I just didn't realize I would get the chance to build a garden indoors from scratch! Thanks!
Congratulations to the happy couple!

Claudia said...

It sure looks like a beautiful, perfect day. Your daughter looks lovely and that gown! Gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love the creativity behind this wedding, certainly beautiful, and memorable.

Your Daughter is just lovely.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

A flower arrangement still graces our living room table. Thanks for letting me take it home. Alida