Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thank You Holland - We Love You Too!

The Jansen 5 performing in Veenendaal, the Netherlands
There's just something fantastic about HOLLAND.  It's hard to pick my favorite parts because it's all so wonderful.  Mostly, I just love how people LOVE music here.  They are willing to travel long distances just to sit for a few hours in a beautiful old church beneath the GRAND PIPES of the many old organs that are still in constant use today! 

The center of every town and village here has a wonderful old brick church with a tall steeple which stands high up above the surrounding buildings.  Inside those churches you are sure to find a well worn PIPE ORGAN situated high above the benches, intricate wooden sculptures facing out over the congregation.

Organ in Tholen, the Netherlands

Below many of those lovely instruments you will also likely find a band of musicians busily recording a Christmas CD......

getting some last minute instructions on what repeats to play or skip.......

making sure that all the details are just right!

Now, don't get me wrong.  It's not all hard work that goes on inside these beautiful old churches ALL the time.  Once in a while you might find a few of those musicians fooling around a bit while the caretaker isn't watching.

You will also probably find a member of the entourage even getting a bit of shut eye between recordings.....

while his GRAMPA checks his blackberry messages.  Important business dealing continue to happen even though you are sitting inside a 400 year old church on a 300 year old gravestone.

Later in the even, say around 7 pm, you may find the the musicians are still directly below those beautiful organ pipes, rehearsing for yet another taping.

They will be all dressed up because this time there is some video taping involved.  Expensive camera equipment, lighting and all sorts of technical stuff will be hooked up and and set in place to catch all the action that goes on inside those very old stone walls.

Yup, my blogger peeps, HOLLAND is one VERY SPECIAL place full of wonderful history and even more fine musicians.

So, all I'd like to say is THANK YOU Peter Wildeman, THANK YOU Joost VanBelzen and THANK YOU Holland for a whole lot of fun!

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Elske said...

I planned on visiting one of the concerts... Too bad I couldn't make it :( Looks like you had a good time with the family! Love, Elske