Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Mums - In Stores Now!

The Big Guy was reading my blog the other day and he casually stated "For a greenhouse blog, you sure haven't posted much about the plants lately!".

Can you BELIEVE it?!  Suddenly I'm living with a writing critic who thinks my posts do not contain sufficient coverage of the greenhouse going's on.  I'm going to have to have a talk with that boy.


after a little scrolling through my recent posts, I did have to agree that I haven't really given much coverage to the FALL MUM crop that has begun to ship to your local BIG BOX store over the last 2 weeks.

It would really be a shame if I didn't share a few pictures of our outdoor production acreage now that it's coming in to BLOOM!

They just look like acres and acres of CHIA PETS waiting to find a good home, don't you think?

OK, enough of that!  Now on to my favorite subject.....


Ya'll knew that was coming didn't you?

This week is full of music and rehearsing since we're going to Holland soon with the whole family.  Everyone is getting organized for the big JANSEN 5 CD release at the end of August. 

The Wee One has become quite fascinated with the METRONOME which the kids are using to keep time.  You see, it's the kind of metronome that TALKS.

"One and Two and Three and Four"

Not only does this metronome talk but it has lots of BUTTONS and LEVERS that move up, down and all around, changing tempo and volume with ease.

I just hope she doesn't figure out which one is the power button or I may have to remove the batteries.

A few nights ago I came home after photocopying more music and concert information about the tour, making sure that everyone knows what songs they need to practice and what time different events will happen.  I walked into the living room to see the cutest sight I have EVER SEEN. 

The Wee One was "playing along" with the rehearsal.  Of course, being just 2 years old, she was quickly distracted by the Big Guy who was trying to catch the whole thing on his blackberry.  The moment she realized he was directing the camera at her she happily obliged with some very big "CHEESE" smiles to ensure he got her best look on film.

Is it any wonder that with all this cuteness going on around here that I tend to neglect my greenhouse posts lately?  I mean, wouldn't you?

Now, I figured that I should make sure my blogger peeps don't forget to stop on by Tootsie's place for Fertilizer Friday where they can see some more amazing gardens and a myriad of flowers.  You will have tons of fun checking out what other places look like after this weird and wacky summer we've all experienced this year!


7 Responses to “Fall Mums - In Stores Now!”

Rosa Veldkamp said...

Well I have MY mums already!
And that is the cutest girl ever!

Hartwood Roses said...

You're right ... she is incredibly, distractingly cute!!

I was just having a very similar conversation with my husband the other day. With August heat taking a toll on the garden and the gardener, the 'garden related' blog posts have been a bit absent. Our blogs are a slice of life, after all, and our gardens (and businesses) are but a piece of that life.

The music in your video is beautiful.

Donna said...

Your mums are just awesome!! wow! ~And wee one could NOT get any cuter!!!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow ... the mums really DO look like chia pets. How hilarious!

LOVE your little "fiddler." she is beyond adorable ... I've got a couple of young men who would like to meet her and compare diaper brands. Or something.

So cute! More, please, of both kids AND mums!

momofcrt said...

Dad saw the mum's in the big box store in Lethbridge, we were already on our way out or I'd have picked one up for my sister.
Love the Vivaldi!!
Such a gorgeous granddaughter indeed.

Tootsie said...

I am with the big guy...I love seeing your productions.....
love the kids stuff too...but I am a plant a holic!
saw the darvonda carts in costco when I was running through there at the speed of light the other day. going back asap to get some!

Anonymous said...

I bought your mums at Costco last week. They are beautiful! Will they grow if I transplant them into my flower bed after they have finished blooming?