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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farm Expansion Continues.....

Darvonda is in EXPANSION mode this summer and things are really rolling along at break neck speed.  Just a few days ago we added another member to the ever growing ranks at the farm.  This young fella takes after the Big Guy, if his entry into the real world is anything to go by.  Rather than wait around for hours and hours of labor and delivery, our Little Peanut burst onto the scene in such a speedy fashion that we were all taken a little by surprise!

It must be all that talk about EFFICIENCY and PRODUCTIVITY he's been hearing from his Daddy over the last few weeks while we worked on tracking COSTS and LABOR for this year's fall mum crop......

It's even better that this little fella made his entry ahead of schedule because we have some big travel plans for him come the end of August.  As a matter of fact, he's already in the process of applying for his passport so we can all travel together to Holland for the big JANSEN 5 concert tour!

I was VERY glad that our Little Peanut did manage to wait for his gramma and grampa to return from their buying trip to New York before making his entrance because I would have been very disappointed if I didn't get the chance meet him on his actual birthday.

Being a gramma is a demanding job but it definitely has it's perks, poopy diapers and all! 

Now that the excitement is starting to die down a little, it's back to business with all of our regular work on the FARM.  We received 19 containers of various and sundry greenhouses parts over the last few days.  The trusses have been set down in their respective places inside the foundation.

I trudged out to the other side of the property to get this south west facing picture of the progress and realized that it's an awfully long walk! 

From this same position, I pivoted to the right and took this north east facing shot......

and was struck by the fact that once this greenhouse is up and running I may as well cancel my walking club membership.  The place is HUGE! 

NOTE TO SELF:  Buy a good pair of walking shoes asap.

Since I was already so far out onto the property, I figured I would walk on down to the mum field and check on progress out in the back 12 acres. 

I was able to get a nice shot of the field by standing on the foundation of the back wall of the new greenhouse which reaches almost onto the outdoor production area.  Unfortunately there is not much color on the crop yet, due to cold and dark weather for the past 2 months.  Here's to hoping that they all burst into bloom with today's sunny weather! 

As always, farming is a never ending battle against TIME, PESTS and WEATHER. 

Well, time is a wasting here at the farm house and it seems that the Wee One has had an explosion of rather smelly proportions that may require a bath and a change of clothing before we can get any more work done around here.

Until next time, blogger peeps!  Tell me how YOUR garden is coming along this summer?  Are you fighting the dark weather or has extreme heat caused a blight on your raised beds?  I'd love to hear from you.  It makes me feel like I'm not alone in my farming fiasco's!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Newest Member of the Jansen 5 String Ensemble

Introducing........our newest recruit to the Jansen 5 string ensemble.  Yes, my blogger peeps, you heard it here first.  The Wee One may only be 2 years old but she is adamant that Gramma let her join in all the fun and play the "vivin" whenever the mood strikes her.  Especially this week, since we are at home ALONE, just her and I. 

I'm in Gramma heaven!

You see, the guys all flew out to Ohio for a big Trade Show.....

and the rest of the family went out on tour with a whole bunch of their STRING CAMP buddies.....

Leaving Gramma alone with this gorgeous little sweety poo.....

and her favorite companion, PEPPER! 

Believe it or not but, after a week of hanging out with a rambunctious puppy, she is actually starting to grow on me.....

Can you BELIEVE it?!  Me enjoying the company of a dog?!  I can hardly believe it myself.

Now, for the next few weeks we will be awaiting ANOTHER NEW RECRUIT to our family string orchestra.  That's because my Little Angel is expecting another bitty Sweet Pea very soon now.

Praying for the Lord's tender mercies for her and her growing little family unit!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Life In The Fast Lane

I don't know about my blogger peeps out there but for me, summer has been just crazy!  It seems like life keeps on flying by.  Last week my darling daughter, the fourth child born into our family, grad-jimacated from GRADE 12.

I can hardly believe it.

Say it isn't so.

My little Mini-me is all grown up......

All sophisticated and lady like.......

She even had a little arm candy to keep her company.  It's a good thing our neighbor boy is such a nice young fella, isn't it?

Hey, wait a minute, neighbor boy......aren't you supposed to be looking after our 5 acres of cucumbers?!

The Big Guy was a bit sentimental about this whole thing, seeing as Mini me is our last daughter to graduate.  He sat her down to give her a bit of fatherly advice.....

"Don't forget to wave at me when they hand you your diploma!  I've spent a lot of money to get you that little piece of paper, you know".

"Not a chance, pops!  But I love ya anyway!"

Coincidentally, this very same day was our 24th Wedding Anniversary.

We knocked back a toast to the grad's and to ourselves with a little.......CRANAPPLE juice at the banquet that evening.......

and a GREAT time was had by all!

Mini-me provided the Grad class with a beautiful video montage of life at CREDO CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL, highlighting all the fun that goes on when your parents aren't around.

We are very blessed to have our kids attend such a top notch school where the teachers are so inspirational and involved in the lives of the students. Needless to say, they have put up with a lot of stuff from our family, seeing as we are involved in a lot of extra curricular activities on the musical side of life. Thank you so much to this very dedicated bunch of mentors who really make a great difference in the lives of so many!

Now, this week is even busier around my house because of the big STRING CAMP going on here in BC. Over 75 students from across Canada are here in the Fraser Valley studying and practicing together, honing their skills and making some great friendships along the way.

Personally, I have 3 billets staying at my house for the week. They tend to make a lot of towels dirty, drink liters of coke and make enormous amounts of noise when they are here's all worth while when they sit down and serenade me around the piano!!!

Who needs a CD player when you have LIVE musicians in the house?!  I just wish I could convince them to play on demand like my BOSE stereo but.....alas, they prefer to sit outside by the fire and roast marshmallows and make s'mores instead of entertain me.

Of course, our darling daughter decided to produce a short video of what life is like during a day at summer camp in the hopes of encouraging a large audience to come out and watch the show tonight and tomorrow night.  She did it especially for YOU my blogger peeps!  Consider yourself invited!!!!

Hope to see you all there.  It's going to be a wonderful evening of beautiful music!

Oh, and just in case you smell the distinct odor of Rub A535 emanating from the cello section, that's just our Danny Boneduce who is suffering from a slight case of tendonitis due to the strain of practicing every day this week from dawn till dusk.  No worries.  He's an athlete.  He can handle it.  No pain, no gain.