Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Worst Spring in 50 Years - Metro Vancouver

Does it seem like a never ending RAIN has descended on the Fraser Valley?  How's a woman to sell bedding plants with WEATHER like THIS?!  Would you look at this recent TWEET by our local News Station.......

Video Lousy stinking spring - Thu, May 26: It's official: Metro Vancouver has had its worst spring in 50 years.

Man, this weather is hard on us growers and garden centers, not to mention golf courses and other weather dependant businesses.  But there is a bright light for us here at Darvonda.  We have one of the BEST customers around.  They are ensuring that our Spring 2011 is not a wash out.  As a matter of fact, we may even see some sales increases this year.  What a blessing!

If you have been down to my favorite Big Box store in Western Canada lately you may have noticed they have a fantastic Garden Center set up outside.

People tend to flock to the stores for giant sized peanut butter tubs and even larger Pickle Jars during the year.  But when they open the garden center out here, 100's of people can be seen waiting at the front doors for the store to open.

There's not a lot of GARDEN CENTERS that can boast that many customers waiting in line to buy plants, that's for sure.  And that is why we are so excited to be partnered with this great place.  From here to Winnipeg, people are scooping up plants by the cart load.....

It's very hard for my garden center peeps to keep the shelves stocked full!

Here's is my soon-to-be son-in-law, working away at one of the locations to keep the plants watered and sorted.

He's just a GREAT guy!  When he's not here in the garden center, he's off making deliveries to other garden centers in the surrounding areas.  We hear good things from our customers about his pleasant way and super nice personality!  I'm a lucky mom to have this young man join my family, that's for sure.

Then there are these 2 ladies who stuck it out in the rain at another location in Alberta last week, keeping the plants happy and healthy regardless of the weather.

Now this week I've sent my daughter (mother of the Wee One) and her husband to look after things at the stores so that I can get a little caught up on all my............ "paper work".

Yup, there sure is a LOT of "paper work" for me to catch up on.......

They may have to stay out there longer than expected so I can get it all done! 


9 Responses to “Worst Spring in 50 Years - Metro Vancouver”

Elske said...

So BC is where the rain we should have had in the Netherlands went to... We haven't had a good day of rain for WEEKS! (I don't mind my sun tan though!)

Tamara Jansen said...

I just heard that from Mom and Dad. They've been in Holland for the busy spring season and mentioned in their last email how littke rain had fallen!

Becky K. said...

I think that you are right...that paperwork will take a very, very long time. She is growing!

So happy that your plants are selling so well. It has been a horrible Spring here, as well.

Your soon to be son-in-law looks like he has the best disposition and is a good worker. How wonderful.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tamara I would love to be shopping at your place ! Ontario has had a wicked Spring ? too .. and now we have jumped right into our usual hot humid summer .. what is a gardener to do ?
I still haven't ID'd this little geranium .. I want to take more pictures so I can cruise the net more efficiently to find out what it is!
It is going to drive me bonkers .. so if you have any news on it please let me know too ?Thanks !
Joy : )

Anonymous said...

A lady in one of the garden centers in either Sask. or Man. mentioned that they really like it that a person from Darvonda comes to take care of the plants. They even touch up the chips and scratches on the pots and make them look like new again. Your stuff is selling like hotcakes out there!

Joanna Vanderpol

Amy said...

Hi Tamara,

I have been checking your blog for several months now and really enjoy it! And I think I'm busy . . . ! Thanks for checking mine out - I'm having alot of fun with it. You are right - our kids are growing up way too fast. I'm so glad you are enjoying being a gramma though! Looks like fun to me too in a few more years . . . :)

Amy said...

Oh yeah, about the seemingly never ending rain . . . we are getting tired of working out in it for sure, but as Larry says - at least it keeps the lawns green! Your hanging baskets are great and the stuff at the big box store always looks great too!

Rosa said...

It's been hot and sunny here but now that Rick and Lisa are coming the temps have dropped (they are calling for 2 degrees overnight!!)and it's started to rain!

Marina said...

Ηi to you too!!! I can see that your "paper work" is really interesting and has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen!!!
Rain is good for the earth and for the fires! I heard at the news that Canada has many fires this period...