Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On The Road Again

I can't believe I have to LEAVE AGAIN?!  I'm off to Calgary in a couple of hours to return to my garden center servicing duties but that means I have to leave my family once again!

I'm not worried about my OWN kids......

They're all grown up and old enough to take care of themselves these days.

What makes leaving so excruciating is parting with the WEE ONE!

I mean, those kissable cheeks......

those big blue eyes.......

She's got me under her SPELL!

Lately, she's learning a lot of new things and I'm missing it all because I'm off galivanting in the prairies, keeping my flowers fresh and watered at the store.  It has gotten so bad that I had to hire a professional videographer to catch all those special moments on film for me so I don't miss too much.

To make matters worse.........

by the time the summer rolls around, there are going to be TWO big reasons why I can't bare to leave home anymore!


4 Responses to “On The Road Again”

momofcrt said...

Oh yeah, another baby coming! Praying it all goes well.
Safe travels to Calgary.

Rosa said...

You are not thinking things through Tam! You should send Opera Diva to Calgary and then you could come here and stay with me!
I don't have kissable cheeks though. . . ;D

Marina said...

A new grandchild is coming!!!
I'm very happy for you Tamara! You're blessed with happiness and love all around you!
I wish your daughter the best! Company is coming for Wee One!!!
(By the way, her name is lovely!!!)

Becky K. said...

Another grandbaby on the way is a very good thing. I am happy for you...given how adorable the first one is. She'd better get some competition lest she get a tad spoiled. lol

It is fun to see the photos over time. She has grown and changed. Simply a beautiful little girl.

Travel safely.

Becky K.