Monday, May 30, 2011

Do You See What I See?!

Would you look at this fantastic picture?!  I just stopped by at one of my regular blog haunts, Saucy Sprinkles , to catch up on what sort of things she's been up to in the kitchen lately and this gorgeous photo caught my attention IMMEDIATELY!

Do you see what I SEE?

Can it be?!  I need to take a closer look......

I think Saucy has purchased.......

a DARVONDA Hydrangea! I'd recognize that pot anywhere.

There's no better feeling than knowing that one of our babies has found a VERY GOOD HOME all the way in Central Canada somewhere.

Now, make sure you go check Saucy's blog out because she is one creative gal.  Her cupcakes are works of ART.


4 Responses to “Do You See What I See?!”

Marina said...

I haven't seen a pot of your flowers near here BUT I HAVE met one of your trucks!!! day as we were travelling to Holland we saw a huge van with the name "JANSENS" at the sides of it! Then I told my husband that this was my Canadian friend's truck and while smiling I remembered that your family roots are somewhere here!

Donna said...

I've been MIA to the blogger world lately...a VERY busy summer!! Tonight I caught up a little and have enjoyed going back to see your few past posts. Your videos and wonderful and I'd love to know your secret!
The wedding book is fabulous...have fun with buying and spreading them! I would so too!! Looks so elegant!
The cupcakes are to die for! So cute. And the hyrandgea is beautiful...I seem to be killing mine this spring. Need a secret there too. Neat that you saw your pot. I hope to meet one someday too!

Evelyn in Canada said...

I thought you were looking at the image of the photographer in the bike bell, or the cute bike basket on the cool Flyer bike. There were a lot of interesting things in that photo (including the hydrangas!).

Rosa said...

The hydrangeas were the first thing that caught my eye!!
I wavered a bit as you focused on bits of the bike though.
I thought you were going to tell us you were going to start riding a bike to save on gas! lol