Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Rush!

The SPRING RUSH is upon us at Darvonda, bringing with it all the fun and excitement you could ever want to experience in a lifetime.  So, it's a good thing that we have the Wee One here to keeps us all organized on the production floor.

There are so many different types of planters we need to get planted up and shipped out. 

The planting lines are working full tilt......

and absolutely everyone has to pitch in, including Danny Boneduce!

You see, the garden centers at my favorite BIG BOX store are finally open and even though the weather isn't that great around here, things are starting to sell.

Our SERVICE REPS are hitting the stores daily to keep things all tidy and organized while we work on marketing materials that will eventually attach to the carts at the store.

Spring has sprung, peeps!  Have you hung your hanging baskets yet?!


6 Responses to “Spring Rush!”

Rosa said...

No planters yet but I`ve got seeds germinating like mad over here!
Whoo Hoo!

Marina said...

Υes...Spring is HERE too!!! I haven't seen so many tulips like I saw last weekend in Holland! Like tulip carpets!!! And Brussels are full of blooming trees and the air is smelling beautifully...Ow...I love Spring!!!!

Pete said...

Have fun!

Spring is only just starting here in Ontario. The phone is starting to ring hard at the nursery.

Lori E said...

Uh did you see the snow today?

Donna said...

It's a tremendous place, Tamara!! But hanging my basket is far from's still COLD!!

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