Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This One's For You Aunty Nancy!

Move along people.  There's nothing to see here.......unless you are my favorite Aunty Nancy.  Then you can stop and stay a while.

You see, I read your last blog post about retiring from the blogging world this week.

You explained that your Multiple Sclerosis has slowly begun to take away the strength in your  2 able bodied typing fingers. Blogging has become a bit of a chore.


I love reading about you, Uncle Ben and all those GRANDKIDS!  I'm really gonna miss your blog posts.  How am I gonna keep up with all your comings and goings NOW?!  Are you SURE you wanna retire?  Maybe you can find a volunteer blogger who could stop by your place and do all the typing for you.

I would do it for you but unfortunately you decided to move FIVE hours drive away from us.  What were you THINKING?!

In the meantime, Danny Boneduce would LOVE to entertain you for 8 straight minutes with a FABULOUS gypsy melody that can only be played by the young and reckless.

I KNOW you will be able to appreciate the hand-eye coordination required to make this masterpiece happen.

Love your most adoring niece and namesake;

Tamara Nancy Jansen


10 Responses to “This One's For You Aunty Nancy!”

Anonymous said...

That's very, very good!! I would love to have been at the concert! Thanks for sharing.

Joanna V.

Lindsey said...

Aww Tam, that's very sweet of you. And I don't think I ever knew what a great middle name you have :) I will personally make sure that mom reads this blog. And I will also re-volunteer my services as an official blog typist.

Becky K. said...

So sweet.

Your Aunt must be a very special lady. I am sure you will miss the bloggy updates. Hopefully her health improves with less stress.

Your kiddos are so very talented with their music. I would have been delighted to have them at my disposal when designing concerts!

Rosa said...

Making me teary Tam!
I haven't been dropping by Aunty Nancy's because I didn't think she was blogging at all anymore.
Looks like I had better get in gear and be a little more faithful in my own blogging so at least she can keep up with what's going on around here.

Tootsie said...

did you find anyone to work the Red Deer thing for you?
we woke up to 3 more inches of snow today!!! HELLO!!! MOTHER NATURE? IT'S MARCH....TIME TO MELT!!!
thanks for linking in this week!

momofcrt said...

wow. amazing.
We always loved your initials as a child... TNT lol.
I will miss aunt Nancy's posts as well, but we also live too far away to type for her.
Marie Annette (you know aunt Nancy's name is Annetta right? LOL)

Nancy-Mom said...

Okay, now you made me tear up :o) Thanks bunches, loved the playing as well.

Donna said...

Sweet, sweet post...what a talented family!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tam, whats upwith the blog? I faithfully check a few times a day to see what fun and exciting things are happening in your world, and, I miss you!! Hope you blog soon, Lisa

nanny said...

What a sweet post for your Aunt! I hope she feels well enough to continue blogging!
Very talented family!