Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Landscapers Wanted - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

It's just 2 months to Spring here in Vancouver, BC and things are really hopping in the greenhouse.  We are in FULL production mode.  Cuttings and seedlings are arriving by the hundreds of thousands.  Dirt is flying.  Pots are dropping.  Belts are moving.  People are working.  It's generally chaotic these days on the warehouse floor.

Check out this brand new robotic planting machine we just got at the greenhouse! 

I could watch this thing running all day long.  I don't know how many pots it's can plant per hour but it sure runs SMOOTH!

On the administrative side we are very busy as well.  UPC codes are being double checked, inventory is being counted, shipping containers are being tracked, catalogues are being printed and on an on and on.

But today I am looking to my blogger peeps for help.  You see, it's not long until we open up around 30 temporary garden centers at my favorite Big Box store all across BC and Alberta.  We will be shipping racks upon racks of tender plants to a store near you.

Once the doors open, these plants will need sorting and watering......

Price signs will need to be posted.....

Flowers will need to be checked........

And planters will need to be's a lot of work, considering it has to been done in 30 locations from here to Manitoba.

So, this is where you come in.  Do you have any friends who are bona fide landscapers that would be interested in helping us keep these plants healthy and happy?  We want to make a 6 week contract with them starting in April and ending in May. 

We want them to adopt-a-garden center for 4 hours a day. 

We want them to take a location under their wing and run it like it was their own. 

Watering, sorting, cleaning, organizing in the following cities:

Port Coquitlam
Prince George........and that's just BC.

Then there's:

Red Deer
Grand Prairie........and after this my knowledge of geography gets a bit sketchy.

I have to check my records but I think there are locations in:

Winnipeg (unless my favorite service rep still wants to keep these stores - wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

I am assuming that most landscapers don't read blogs so I'm asking for you, my loyal reader peeps, to contact your landscaper friends and tell them about how exciting it would be for them to join the Darvonda crew this spring and make the garden center a better place for all plants.

We are VERY fun people to work with......

except in the spring.  I tend to get a little cranky in the spring sometimes.  I don't know why.  It's possible that some of the stress of trying to manage 30 garden centers while there is still a chance of freezing temperatures MIGHT have something to do with it.

So, if you have any landscaper friends who would be interested in this challenging but fulfilling project, twitter this post.....

Wait a minute.  Do landscapers have time for Twitter?

They can also call the greenhouse at 604-530-6889 or email me at

Ask for Coby because I'm afraid I'm going to be out in the greenhouse watching the planting robot.


6 Responses to “Landscapers Wanted - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba”

Marina said...

Your robot is AWESOME!!! So fast...!!!
I didn't see any wanted guys in Belgium...What a pity!!! And I've just found my uniform and boots....

Becky K. said...

The robot is definitely cool!

My son is only just beginning his Professional Gardener's Program at Longwood Gardens but it is his dream to own a Landscape business one day. I'll have to keep this type of opportunity in mind for him in the future....hadn't thought of this before.

Hope you get all the help you need.
Keeping those plants looking great is so vital. You are smart to recognize it.

Becky K.

Donna said...

Heck, I would do it just for one of those pretty purple t-shirts!!! ha! But alas...I live too far south. It sure doesn't seem frigid here! But thinking of gardening makes me smile...spring..ah! Your machine is awesome!!

Tufa Girl said...

I would love it but my commute from Texas would be out of the question. Good luck with the Spring season sales.

Tootsie said...

HEY GIRL! I am in Red Deer...I will ask around. I used to know someone, but not sure if they quit the business or not!
will be in touch when I know more...or will get them to talk to you.
I know how you feel with that machine...I am like that with my
I planted 120 geranium seeds this morning! 100 to go! lol
not to mention the 150 other trays of flowers I am doing this year! lol
have a great weekend...everything looks great in the greenhouse by the way!

FlowerLady said...

Wow, that planting robot is so fascinating.

Blessings on your business and may you find all the workers you need to keep everything healthy and lovely.