Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Dozen Roses For Someone Special!

That's it!  I am tired of gloomy winter weather.  The rain is bringing me down.  I need a FLOWER FIX......STAT!

And according to my big sister, Rosa, who lives in Edmonton Alberta, she could use one too.

So, I have decided that I am going to send a dozen roses to one lucky blog reader who leaves a comment at the bottom of this post.  It can be a short comment or a long story about how you really need a floral boost to get you through the winter.  It doesn't matter.  As long as you live within a FTD delivery zone in North America, you have a chance to win!

You NEED roses.  I know you do.  It's February.  It's that time of year.

Now go out and Facebook, Twitter or call your friends to let them know about this fabulous bouquet of Roses?!  They deserve a chance to win too, right?

And's the THOUGHT that counts right?

DON'T FORGET if you don't have a blog link, make sure to leave your name in the comment so that I can announce you on Monday morning.  If you see your name announced, then you can email me your address and I will send the bouquet straight to your home!

Now, don't forget to also join Tootise over at Tootsie Time for her FERTILIZER FRIDAY to get even more of a flower fix!


49 Responses to “A Dozen Roses For Someone Special!”


Roses are Red
Roses are Pink
Roses are White
Roses are Yellow
Now matter what the color Roses
are just fun to receive!

Thanks for giving us a chance to win your lovely ROSES!!!

(From a snowbird from Ohio.. I too would like to see a hint of SPRING!!)

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Brian said...

shrt cmmnt!!! haha get it!!

Peter Scholtens said...

I need some red roses for my blue lady.
Mrs. Florist, take my order please!
We didn't have a quarrel, but just today
She is feeling blue, and roses take her blues away.

I want some red roses for a blue lady
Send them to my lovely lass, my dove.
And if they do the trick I'll hurry back and pick
The best Darvonda flowers for my lady love!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been feeling blue all week. Both lungs are definately coughed out by now (thankfully the first one grew back before the 2nd one went for naught). I don't usually feel sorry for myself but this week....
I'm sure roses would do the trick. I wouldn't feel sorry for myself, anymore. Just sorry for all the other wonderful people who didn't get roses.

Melanie VO said...

Yay, a giveaway! Who doesn't like giveaways... with all this rain a dozen roses will most likely boost one lucky winners mood!

aunt j said...
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aunt j said...

us poor people in winterpeg
for a dozen roses we do beg
sure, the sun may shine every day
but in our houses we must stay
for the cold outside is rather brutal
if you step outside you'll freeze your noodle

groundhog day has come and gone
under four feet of snow lies our lawn
not to be seen for another six weeks
roses would really cheer up us peeps.

judy s

Rosa said...

I will likely not see bare ground for another four months. . . .
Need I say More???

momofcrt said...

I'm pretty sure it will be longer than four months here. But I don't think we live in the FTD delivery zone, unless they have snowmobile delivery vehicles ;-) Of course, you could just wire them to one of the florists in Barrhead and it would give me an excuse to get out!
Not that I need an excuse to get out, but to see some colour other than white would be lovely hehe.

Colleen said...

mmmm I would love roses because it's quite unlikely I'll get any for v-day :)

Anonymous said... momentarily chase the clouds away! Joyce H

Anonymous said...

Roses are the best part of love or appreciation you can get from anyone

kat stiksma

Anonymous said...

I don't want them for myself, while I'm sure I will appreciate seeing them around the house, if I win them I will give them to my momma who really could use them<3. (p.s. thank you very much for the necklace from china it's beautiful, I get lots of compliments on it). Holly V.

underdog said...

I enjoy stopping to smell the roses in the summer, there are presently no roses to stop and smell, a stressful situation.
I don't bring roses home so that I can share my enjoyment of the pungent odours with my wife. This causes more stress.
Perhaps it's time to overcome the genetic frugality that I am plagued with, and drop some coin on some, myself.
After Valentine's Day. :)

Forgot I had an account (last used in 2006).

Marina said...

My beloved flowers are red roses!!! My day is better when my husband brings me one rose or a bouquet...I know I'm far away but I know if you could you would bring me or sent me some!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've never entered a give away before so this is all new. I would give the roses to my dad, who is being checked for prostrate cancer today. He loves gardening and flowers and perhaps some roses would be a lift for him.
Shelley in SK

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I know the feeling. Too much white and too much shovelling. We need to feel the warmth and dirt under our fingernails. We need to see flowers. Your photos were wonderful.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Roses in winter is a girls dream.

Linda said...

I would Love to win some Roses.
The last time I bought them for myself to place on my husbands grave.
100 of them. But I did take 2 home with me that was in 2004.
RIP Big Al 3/4/1953 - 1-10-2004.

Beth said...

I definitely need a flower fix. All we see here is white!
Blessings, Beth

Darla said...

We aren't under snow in North Florida..regardless of the season there is just something special about a rose.

Anonymous said...

Roses, tulips or gerberas what ever flower, it will bring the sunshine in to your house.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to recieve some roses on this snowy East Texas day! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OOps, that's from Vicky Pruitt at Vicky from east Texas

Evelyn in Canada said...

I always feel like I need to have a tidy, organized room to nicely display them. If I get free roses, can I put them on a clean coffee table in the middle of a messy room? Otherwise I'm not ready for flowers...

janet said...


A lovely idea for a cloudy day in February!

janet said...
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Tootsie said...

Tamara, that is just the sweetest thing to do! I hope someone who lives in the same type of doom and gloom weather area as Rosa and I do win!
I can't wait for the spring to show up with her sunshine and warm temps. It is nice today outside...but still gloomy with the sun hiding behind that cloud.
Hope your winner gets that pick me up that your prize will give!
have a great day , and thanks for linking up to Fertilizer Friday this week!
Oh ya...I was going to ask if your sister still blogs....and if she is still running her little greenhouse...If she is, I want to do a feature on Growing4Seasons about her and the greenhouse if she will allow it.
If she is...get her to contact me...

Anonymous said...

A dozen roses--wow, that would brighten up our home where no sunshine ever enters (No windows on the sunny side)! For someone special--I'm special. Aren't we all?

FlowerLady said...

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving your kind comment. Secondly, yes I have roses growing right now, this is the best time of year for gardens in s.e. FL.

A girl can never have too many roses. They touch the heart in many ways.

I need to check out the rest of your blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow, i would love to get a dozne roses, it sure would brighten the gloomy days of winter. I can honestly say i have never received flowers from hubby. I would give half the dozen to my mom, who works to hard and needs to retire.

Anonymous said...

What can I say........I'd love to win a dozen roses!!!!

Chandra said...

I could definitely use's been a really bad day. :o(

Lavender Cottage said...

Roses, that would be awesome, and how thoughtful of you to think of your blogging visitors.
After the Groundhog Day storm that dumped a whack of snow on us here in Ontario, some pretty flowers would be a welcome gift.
Thanks for sharing all the flowers on your post.

Sonia said...

What a nice thing to do!! Bloomers in the winter will put a smile on any face..winter days leave us all longing for bright sunny skies and pretty colored bloomers!

Miss Bloomers

Carmen said...

What a lovely and fun idea, but if I am lucky enough to be chosen I would like the roses to go to my Mom who has been housebound for a few months because of surgery and complications resulting from osteoperosis. She would be so surprised - and I think all she has ever won before was a turkey or something crazy like that. Thanks for making spring feel a little closer!

Loulabelle said...

it's not just the amazing and interesting look of roses, it's the colour, smell, texture and Romance.........

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

OK, I'm in there like a ....well wilted rose that missed out on Valentines Day.

I need flowers, roses specifically beccause after 18 years of garden center early spring sunny days, I am completely in withdrawal.

Where else will I get color from?

Oh I miss the nursery business the most in the spring.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Sharon dB said...

More snow forecasted for the weekend. Roses would be DEE-liteful!

Anonymous said...'s my birthday on Sunday...but I would give them to a special friend who definatley could use some TLC..right Holly?

Donna said...

what better time of year to give away some beautiful, fragrant roses....such a nice surprise for someone...Happy Fertilizer Friday!

Anonymous said...

If I was so lucky to win the dozen roses I would pass them to my g/f who just lost her Mom. Hoping that the flowers would brighten up her day a bit.
from Chwk..

Anonymous said...

I drive by your langley location daily and am so excited for you guys to open! You guys have been so helpful in helping me learn to garden with 3 little ones in tow-----thanks so much!
Carolynn in Langley

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

For over 20 years I have always wanted to recieve lavender roses. They are so lovely and rare.

I adore all roses though.

You are too sweet. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

LOVE roses anytime of year! They are SO beautiful and a "pick me up" can happen in just one quick glance.

Thanks for the opportunity of a giveaway!
TJ from Langley

Becky K. said...

Oh Tamara,
I DO need roses.

You can check out my recent post titled Early Spring? to see that I have already begun dreaming...of tulips and green grass, trees bearing flowers and all that is Spring....and Roses of Summer. A gorgeous photo of one my son grew!

I also would love roses to celebrate the progress of our daughter in her fight against Anorexia. Today's post chronicles that. Roses would be the icing on that happy cake!

Pick Me! Pick Me!


Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Laura and Colin said...

There once was a lady named Laura
Who loved all kinds of different flora
She waits all Winter
To pass on this hinter
That roses would put her in a different aura.

T.B.H. said...

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe
She had so many sad moods, she didn't know what to do
So for kicks one day she did an internet browse
To help her from her black mood to rouse.
To her amazement a lovely flower lady she found
Who loved to make gardens on her own piece of ground
Better yet, this flower lady had an amazing sister
Who called her husband by the title of Mr.
Well these sisters both have wonderful hearts of gold
They spread such happiness, the story may be told
That in the winter of life when all is sad and dreary
One offers free roses on her site, to make many others more cheery
The first sister decides she needs that cheeriness too
I think she should get them for sure, don't you?

From someone who thoroughly enjoys reading both Tamara and Rosa's blogs during all seasons!