Wednesday, February 9, 2011

6 Easy Steps to Successful Importing

I took this picture on my trip to Hong Kong with Junior last October.  Don't you just love the expression of peace and tranquility that this sculpture exudes.  I RARELY feel as calm as this.  As a matter of fact, I have probably NEVER felt this calm in my life. 

Maybe it's the kind of friends I hang around with......

I'm thinking I should take up Yoga to help calm my nerves.

The reason I am feeling a bit jittery these days is a simple one.  In a few words, we have to go back to
China as soon as possible.  There are containers being loaded and planters being developed that need our personal attention.  Now, normally I can't show you what we are working on when we go to the Orient so as to keep our projects under wraps until they hit the store shelves.  It's no different this time.  Every new design has to be kept TOP SECRET.  But I thought it would be interesting to show you how one of our OLD styles was developed for a change. 

This is a retrospective.  A look back to the year gone by.

Step 1:  Fly to the Orient

The biggest worry I have about the flight is always "WHO will sit beside me?!"  I hate it when the person beside me SNORES or constantly needs to go to the bathroom.  I try to give those people the stink eye but it normally goes completely unnoticed by strangers.  That's when I call for the stewardess!  She ALWAYS sticks up for me when the passenger behind me won't stop kicking my seat.

Step 2:  Find a good Hotel

A room with 2 double beds is EXCELLENT when travelling abroad with Junior.

A room with 2 double beds is LONELY when travelling abroad with the Big Guy.

Step 3:  Visit the factories while they are in production to check on progress.

checking frames for our NEW pot cover

Step 4:  Ensure that quality is a maintained.

Assembling the frames and colored mesh

 Step 5:  Double check the final product before it leaves the factory.

Step 6:  Always eat a large meal after a long hard day's work!

May we suggest HOT POT?!  It's our FAVORITE!  Right Big Guy?

A word of caution: ASK QUESTIONS before you eat something.  Otherwise, you never know what you might ingest. 

Definitely avoid eating any RATS!

If you follow these steps carefully, your project may well be a great success !

Click picture to read Steve Whysal's article in the Vancouver Sun


you may still have a FEW problems along the way, regardless of how many steps you follow.  Nothing that a little glass of VODKA won't cure.


5 Responses to “6 Easy Steps to Successful Importing”

Becky K. said...

Rats??? Yuck!

Your life is so very interesting to a country girl from Pennsylvania. Thanks for sharing all the fun and travel.

Anonymous said...

wow...another trip to china?! that is quite the busy and stressful schedule you are keeping..and another wedding in there to top it all off..( a blessing, but still extra things to do)Try not to eat too many salt and vinegar chips along the way! Love you, Lisa

Rosa said...

Well, here you go again!
Maybe you'll be able to squeeze in a little wedding planning while you're there. . .
Hope you are going to be around for Steph's wedding. We're looking forward to being able to visit with you guys.

EFT Manual said...

Well said! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe trip in China!

Donna said...

OK...I'm impressed beyond belief and I normally don't impress easily! Having the gumption to go to China with an! That's spunk that I admire...way to go! Can't wait to see the final product!!!!!
(I have an idea....)