Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Planning and a Chandelier DIY Project

I have been slightly remiss lately in my blogging.  Perhaps some of my blogger peeps are wondering what on earth has kept me from keeping y'all updated on my comings and goings during the Christmas season. 

Well, in all seriousness, I have been working WAY too hard on partying and party planning to make sure that everyone is in the loop. 

I make no apologies because, in my world, party planning takes precedence over everything.

Over work.

Over blogging.

Even over personal hygiene. 

I know that's disgusting but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get a party planned in time. 

So, just in case you hadn't heard yet, Junior got engaged this summer......

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 and is getting married on January 14.   His lovely bride and her family have given me some seriously free reign on how to decorate the greenhouse for their reception. 

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!  Don't they know how CRAZY this girl can get about party decor?!

Since this is the second party I get to plan in our greenhouse, I had to make sure that the theme wasn't too similar to my Little Angel's soirree that happened here just over 2 years ago.  Nope.  I have to make sure that the reception looks completely different than last time.  But how can I top THIS.........

or THIS......
The first step in planning a party is to choose a theme.  Any theme will do.  After much discussion and investigation, Cinderella and Junior chose to go with a more formal look.  Black tie and "bling". 

Now all it takes is to flesh out the idea, starting with the invitations.

My Little Angel sat down and designed the invite to look like a tuxedo on the outside which opens up.....

to reveal all the event details.....

and a bit of glitter accents......

as well as a map to the greenhouse and the dinner menu!

It took us numerous evenings of wonderful fun....

 and at least 3 bottles of wine to put together.....

but the end result was just fantastic!

Next thing we needed was to figure out how to create a ROOM inside the greenhouse for the reception.  I figured that with all our Chinese connections, it would be easy as pie to sew one up.  I jotted down a few measurements in my notebook and handed them to my favorite supplier in Guangzhou.

Hard to imagine that anything nice could come out of a page of chicken scratch like this, isn't it?!  However, not more than a month or so later, the gigantic organza "wedding tent" arrived in a container filled with Christmas pots from Asia. 

And I do mean GIANT!

With the wedding tent in place, we needed to consider the lighting as well.  I knew right from the start that we should make a chandelier like we did for my Little Angel but I wasn't sure what the style should be. 

My inspiration actually came from a restaurant in China where I saw THIS.....

and sent the photo to Cinderella on my Blackberry.  She immediately messaged back her approval of the style.  With the concept agreed upon, all we needed to do was build it.  NO PROBLEM!  I've got some amazing peeps to count on here at Darvonda and they never let me down once I have a VISION.

My "go to" guy for this DIY Chandelier project was the Big Guy.

He just LOVES to help me with my party planning.

He thinks I am a genius.

I think HE is a genius.

With so many geniuses in THIS family.....

We come up with some pretty WILD projects here at the greenhouses!

In the end, I thought that the chandelier was SO BEAUTIFUL......

that TWO chandeliers would be even MORE BEAUTIFUL!

And then I was so POOPED, I went to bed and slept for 24 hours straight!

NOTE:  House cleaning had also been put on hold during this party planning phase.  I've finally broken down and called in the cavalry to help get the house up to snuff for when my guests arrive.  I don't much like house work anyway.  Thanks Mrs. cavalry.  You are the best house keeper ever!

I will do my best to continue to keep you in the loop in the near future, my dear blogger peeps.  I know how important this is to you.  There is no need to send me blog hi-jack threats in the coming weeks.  I promise to do my part to disseminate information to you as my life continues to spiral out of control over the next few weeks.  I do it because I love all my blogger peeps SO much!

Now make sure you leave me a comment so that I feel the LOVE in return.  That's all I ask.  I just can't wait to hear from you!


17 Responses to “Wedding Planning and a Chandelier DIY Project”

momofcrt said...

Wow it will look gorgeous. you have amazing talent my dear cousin! The invitations are absolutely amazing too.
Have fun with the final preparations. I look forward to a few pics from the big day.

Donna said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! What imagination...yes, genius!!!
Oh please send me an invitation...I'll come from anywhere (just kidding) but really this is ...awesome!!!!

Becky K. said...

Speechless! Wow! You have certainly done it up big and beautifully!!!

It is going to be just amazing!

Emily said...

It looks beautiful!

Peter Scholtens said...

Looks great!

Pass on my congrats to Lawrence.

Rosa said...

OOOOOh, Ahhhhhhh, Ohhhhhh!!!
That is awesome!
And if I could have figured out your password (the one I thought it was, wasn't!) I would have blogjacked you Big time! :D
See you soon!
Save some work for me. . .

Elske said...

Wow, I LOVE those chandeliers! It all looks great!
Bye from the other side of the ocean (I wish I could visit Canada again soon!)

Marina said...

A new career is there for you and you haven't even imagine it...You're officialy a wedding plan manager and expert!!! And what a crue you have there...!!!!!! Good luck with your work!!! Everything is so inspired and wonderful until now...!!!

Lori E said...

Well from someone who has seen how massive the greenhouse is I can't believe the size of the organza tent. What on earth will you do with it when you are done.
I know a wedding planner who may be interested. She would probably hire you too. You could fit the new job in on evenings and weekends couldn't you? LOL.

Anonymous said...


Chandra said...

What wouldn't I give for just a smidge of your style and fashion sense! **sigh** You are the Queen of party hosting!!

antigoni said...

You could be a great manager of planning weddings. Everything is fantastic. I wish the best for your son and his future wife.

eddieross said...

Looks great!
Happy planning!

Kathy Woodman said...

Oh, my goodness! I just found my way here via Hometalk. I just had the last of my three daughters' weddings less than a month ago. Only my youngest, a son, left. Glad I didn't see this first, because then I would have really felt incapable and inadequate! Of course, you are doing this one for your son, so maybe I will end up planning one more wedding, who knows?

I'm off to check out your previous blog entries now. Thanks for the beautiful chandelier tutorial!

Suzan Sweatman said...

ARE you kidding me? OMG this is unbelievable !!!
I'm in awe - serious awe over this
Beautiful job!
( did you swing off it at least? )

Mallory Edwards said...

What are the bead strands you used?

Sandra Walker said...

I love Chandeliers myself, and when I saw you making that one, I thought WOW how absolutely beautiful!!! I'm just now seeing your post, that's the only reason I'm just now posting a comment. But I'm so sad. Because I didn't get to see the final pictures. I know they were beautiful, but I sure would have like to have seen them. I hope that your son and your new daughter have a Blessed life together and are Happy beyond imagination.