Friday, January 21, 2011

Party Clean-up and a Musical Interlude

I don't know how it happened but the whole party is all cleaned up already.  My son Junior and his bride are off to Mexico for their honeymoon and the entire wedding set up is already packed and put away.

Elvis has left the building.

Personally, I wanted to leave it the way it was.  It looked so pretty.  We took a vote.  I lost.

The Big Guy said we had to get back to work.  

So, we gathered up a few strong men and removed the piano first.

Next we worked on returning all the rented tables.  It was so hard to see all that hard work dismantled so quickly!

But, we have to get back to what we do best or we'll be late with our spring planting.  There's so much to do to make sure that we are ready for the spring bedding plant season.  Our propagation house is getting full with cuttings that have arrived from all over the world.

The ladies are working hard and fast at getting everything stuck and rooted as soon as the cuttings arrive.

It's a race against the clock to make sure the new plant arrivals get put into soil and set under a computer regulated mist to keep them healthy and get them making good, strong roots as soon as possible.
Our team at Darvonda is the best, though, and the little baby cuttings are doing very well so far.

The Big Guy and I decided to go out and celebrate a few nights ago, to relax and take a little time for a short romantic evening.  We were gazing into each other's eyes and lovingly whispering sweet nothings, sipping a lovely glass of red wine and munching on a few light appetizers when suddenly......

one of my front teeth popped out!  It landed right in my glass of red wine!!  I had always had nightmare's that something like this could happen.  Luckily I was only with the Big Guy when it happened or I would have been mortified.  Can you imagine if this had happened while I was entertaining a customer.  Even worse, what if this had happened at the wedding?!

When we arrived home that evening my children all gaped in horror and exclaimed in unison


"What does it look like happened?  My tooth popped out.  Dad put it in his shirt pocket to keep it safe till I can get to the dentist."

They all turned away in revulsion.  I don't know what it is about me, but for some reason my kids are very embarrassed by their mother.  Can you figure out WHY?!

It doesn't look THAT bad, now does it?!

Yesterday I had an appointment to fix me up with some permanent teeth that will hopefully never pop out again.  The procedure included a SKIN GRAFT and a DENTAL IMPLANT, all on the same day.  I've decided to take a little time off from work so that my mouth can heal up.  I figure one day of lying on the couch in my house coat should help me heal faster, right ladies?!

The Big Guy keeps phoning, though.  "Can you just stop in the greenhouse and take a look at this sample for me?" he asks so urgently.

"Uh.  How am I gonna get better if I don't rest like the doctor ordered?" I ask sweetly.

Half an hour later he calls me again.  "We have a meeting in a few hours.  Are you going to get dressed?"

Sigh!  I guess I'd better get dressed and meander over to the office.

In the mean time, I would like to leave you with a little musical interlude that I taped a week before the wedding.  Danny Boneduce had a big concert at Kwantlen University with his cello group and, even though I should have been folding wedding programs at the time, I snuck out to watch my 16 year old baby boy play his heart out.  He's the skinny one, second on the left, with the long legs and the white hair.  When I watch this video the thought crosses my mind that soon he too will leave the nest like his big brother.  He'll get married and leave his momma behind.  It's rather heart breaking and exciting all at the same time.  I feel very blessed to be able to enjoy these special moments while he is still here!


10 Responses to “Party Clean-up and a Musical Interlude”

Rosa said...

I have been there myself with the tooth thing, it stinks!
Hope you heal up soon.
It's a good thing I didn't know about all those baby plants or many of them might have mysteriously ended up in my carry on bag!! ;)

Lori E said...

Getting back to what you do best??? I think the weddings are a pretty close second to the plants.

Marina said...

Come on Tamara!!! Things can't go so bad in a romantic night like that, can they? I wish nothing bad in your road again!!!
By the way, did you recieve anything from me, or a bird ate it on the way to Canada????

Anonymous said...

Wow've got some great peeps! glad to see it's all done..sorry I didn't help :o.Lisa

Becky K. said...

We had a very rough day today and I must admit to having a giggle at your tooth predicament. I am sorry that it led to surgery and the need to recover, but thanks for telling the story. I read it aloud to my Prince Charming who needed a chuckle tonight too.

We loved the music so much. One of my students plays the cello and I have come to appreciate this instrument as I have become more familiar with it.

Piet de Boer said...

Hi Tamara: Thank you for your blog. You do an amazing job of keeping it and us up to date about your goings on. Well done.
I have had a similar tooth experience. Not fun, but it is good that you can laugh at yourself a bit anyway. Hope it heals well and fast.

Donna said...

Amazing transformation of your greenhouse! As for your tooth...I didn't see it right away and kept looking...had to enlarge the picture! You have a great smile! Always nice that it can be fixed.

Laura said...

You've got a little bit of everything growing in that greenhouse. Including your kids! How great is it to have such a place for a wedding! congrats to you and your husband for pulling off quite a beautiful transformation!

My MIL got my kids a violin for Christmas. Any thoughts on lessons? Is it best to go with a company or with private lessons? Which did you find better?

I also wanted to let you know my blog moved! You can now find the Dandelion Wrangler at Stop by anytime!

Paul B said...

Hey! Whats up with those roses? :)

Anonymous said...

i would like to leave the red roses for my wife ..that she would find in the morning before she is off to work ..we work off shifts ..i work nights and she works days ..we leave each other notes during the week .and little gifts ...i would love to leave her a dozen roses..that was her wedding flowers .we have been married just over two years now .
calvin mcrobbie