Monday, December 20, 2010

Use Caution When Crossing the Street in Vietnam

The Big Guy and I only had a little time in Vietnam but it was certainly sufficient time to learn a very important rule..........use GREAT CAUTION when crossing the street!

As a matter of fact, we decided against crossing the street at all.   After watching the city traffic for a short time, we decided the lilly livered Canadians should never attempt to step into traffic if they want to return home safely.  You don't believe me?!  Just watch THIS......

We ended up standing at this uncontrolled round-a-bout for a full half hour.  It was fascinating to watch the way that the swarming mass of people on bikes, scooters and on foot managed to dance gracefully around each other without an unfortunate mishap.  How is it POSSIBLE?!

This family of 3 prepared to cross the street as we watched.....

They gingerly began to move forward.....

and SOMEHOW......

they made it to the other side unscathed.  They didn't even break a sweat! 

I am not that coordinated.  There was no WAY I was going to attempt such a feat!  So, instead we remained where we were and watched the people pass.

We saw people moving furniture.

We saw people delivering tires.

We saw FAMILIES on bikes.

We saw an entire KINDERGARTEN CLASS on a bike!

Can you imagine trying to deliver WEDDING FLOWERS like THIS........?!

This poor delivery guy is motioning for people to make room for him.  Of course, no one is going to give an inch.  So he just plows forward into the mess.......

and safely continues on his way.  These flowers are going to make it to the church on time!

The Big Guy and I just stood and watched this steaming mass of humanity move around eachother like graceful ballet dancers.

They went about their business while we snapped photos.

People pointed and laughed at us as we stood gawking in wonderment at the crazy traffic jumble.

I can highly recommend coming to Vietnam JUST to watch the traffic!

What fun, wandering down this busy street taking snapshots of people going about their regular lives.

People smiled and waved if they noticed me take their picture.

Maybe next time we visit, I should book more than two days here!

Now I leave you with another glimpse of some of the most precarious traffic I have ever seen!


6 Responses to “Use Caution When Crossing the Street in Vietnam”

Chandra said...

Oh wow, and I thought traffic was bad in the Dominican Replublic! This is craaaa-zy!!

Lori E said...

Good heavens. Did you notice the family with the little girl on the bike had helmets on mom and dad but not on the little girl.

George van Popta said...

That must be where the RCMP Musical Ride goes for lessons.

momofcrt said...

wow that is crazy!!!

Donna said...

Hi Tamara,
My beautiful purse arrived today, and I want to say Thank You so much! I am so excited! It is like getting an Early Christmas gift! I love it! And I am sure that the coins will bring me extra luck:) I told my husband that was a sign that we needed to return to Quebec City, which is where we visited last week! Thanks again for such a generous gift! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Nancy-Mom said...

Absolutely crazy !