Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Stopped By The Greenhouse

What a wonderful week we've had here at the greenhouse.   The retail store is all decked out in it's Christmas finery and is looking wonderfully festive for this weekend's big visit from Santa.

My sister-in-law, Fifi, has really OUT DONE herself this season again!!!!  She has a real TALENT for making a super, duper Christmas display.

Starting last night, we've been partying non-stop.

My sister Lisa made us an amazing spread.......

keeping us well fed with scrumptious party fare.  She made enough to last for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

Last night we listened to Christmas carols played by my favorite musicians.

Later on, once the store closed, we moved on over to my house to continue the party with suitable, cheer enhancing libations which I forgot to photograph.  I am afraid that just one glass of cabernet sauvignon was enough to make me forget all my well as my ever present need to to take photos to share with my blogger peeps.

This morning the partying started all over when Santa and Mrs Claus stopped by to visit for the day.

Good old Kris Kringle handed out candy canes and sat for photos like the jolly old soul he is.  Unfortunately, he is a little more intimidating in person and was unable to convince some of the younger children who visited to sit on his knee for a little heart to heart.  This young fella had absolutely NO FEAR.  I wonder if he noticed something familiar in those sparkling Santa eyes.......could it it Santa perhaps......his own DADDY?!

Santa even brought along a few of the elves from the North Pole......

and they spend the day making crafts and coloring with the kids.    I wonder how much Santa pays them and if they are available in April and May.  I could use them on my production line in the greenhouse during the spring rush!

A great time was had by all and so we decided we should do it all over again next weekend.

So make sure you plan to bring the kids or the grand kids down to Milner Gardens next Saturday because Santa is going to try make a second trip out our way as a special favor to Fifi.  We'd love to see you here!

Now, the Darvonda ELVES are busy all night tonight in the greenhouse, packing up poinsettias to be shipped to  a store near you.

Have you bought YOURS yet?!


6 Responses to “Santa Stopped By The Greenhouse”

Rosa said...

Yes Indeed!
Sure wish I could have been there!

Nancy-Mom said...

Nope, still waiting for them to come to a store near us and someone telling us what store that might be ????? in Vernon not Kelowna :-)

Anonymous said...

Lisa made enough food to feed everyone for two days because someone told her they didn't know how many people they would be feeding 100? 50? 10? 200? catch my drift?! LOL,it's kind of a Jansen..I mean Darvonda thing, Lisa

Anonymous said...

We bought ours last night and they are so gorgeous i cant get over the white poinsettia with the blue decorations and the pots are amazing!
thanks so much

Laura said...

I still need to pick mine up. Poinsettia centre pieces here I come! It look like a fun few days at your nursery! Love the costumes!

Marina said...

Gorgious store!!!! It was really strange to see that Martha Stewart didn't use any poinsettias in her decoration, since that's...the official plant (including Christmas tree) of Christmas!I aways buy some and I did so this year too ! Did you sent some to Belgium?