Friday, November 26, 2010

Steve Whysall Stopped By Darvonda This Week!

Isn't this just a GORGEOUS photo of me and Steve Whysall in the greenhouse?!  We had a great visit this week, talking poinsettias and wandering around the greenhouse.  Steve is such a great guy.  He's very supportive of the horticulture industry in Canada and we really appreciate all his great writing in the Vancouver Sun.

So, make sure you check out his blog post that gives a great run down of poinsettias and their history as well as a whole lot of information about how to care for your plant by clicking here.

We also made a video on the topic which was great fun!  Unfortunately, I let it slip that I kill poinsettias when I bring them home.

I can't believe I admitted that.

I think I shall go lock myself in the bathroom for the next month.

What was I THINKING?!


7 Responses to “Steve Whysall Stopped By Darvonda This Week!”

CanadianGardenJoy said...

That is too funny about the slip of the tongue with the points .. I do the very same thing and almost to Christmas cactus as well .. now who does THAT ? LOL
Joy : )

Terry said...

We certainly abuse our Poinsettias but they do their duty year after year.

Thanks for the visit and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Nancy-Mom said...

ha,ha, I thought that slip was great, it made you just the same as all of us, not perfect. We all kill our plants from time to time.

Rosa said...

That was Awesome Tam!!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Bring on the poinsettias!! I wish I could find all of the pretty colors I see behind you!

Lori E said...

I do too. My house is too warm I think.
I did stop by with friends yesterday though to look at your beautiful plants.
I was going to buy your wooden chest that had a BOX -$30 price tag taped on it but the lady at the front counter said that couldn't possibly be the price?
I felt bad for the 2 girls who unloaded all the plants off of it so they could carry it to the front for me.

Laura said...

Oh I so want to wade through your fields of Poinsettias! So pretty! Nothing says Christmas more that that pop of red!

It's funny I regularly kill inside plants too. Poinsettias usually last, but most others generally just fail. I'm going to blame my cats, or my kids. It couldn't possibly be that I forget to water them....could it?