Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm In Love!

There is something in these gorgeous blue eyes that melts me like a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day.

I mean, how can you resist those luscious little peepers?!  It's just asking TOO MUCH of this Gramma. 

I can't get enough face time with my darling Wee One!

This weekend I called my daughter.

"Darling, you've got so much to do.  Why don't I take the baby for the afternoon so you can get caught up with all your work".

We both know that I am actually saying.

"Sweetheart, I want the Wee One all to myself so I can spoil her rotten.  If you come along, you'll cramp my Gramma style"

My daughter acquiesces on a regular basis. 

We have an understanding. 

Every once in a while, I let Grampa come along too.  He loves the Wee One almost as much as I do. 

 Can you BLAME us?!


7 Responses to “I'm In Love!”

Becky K. said...

She is a darling! How wonderful for your daughter that you are so happy to spend time together. It makes everyone happy!

Evelyn in Canada said...

That B&W picture is just gorgeous. It helps that the Wee One is pretty cute.

If my Mom had been near when my kids were really little, I would have easily accepted the invitation for regular child visits. I'm sure that's a gift for both you and your daughter.

momofcrt said...

Oh Tam, you are gorgeous. I love your posts about your grand daughter. I'm sure Aunt Bertha would spoil her rotten too, after all she's her GREAT grand child right?
What a dolly.

Marina said...

She's sooooo.....everything!!! Like a fresh flower, like a calm sea, like a sweet, colorful candy... DON'T tell you're her grandma! You look more like a mom near her! And the grandpa too...

Rosa said...

She's a cutie alright!
You are a blessed Grandma!
Miss you. . .

Nancy-Mom said...

Yes Tam, it's wonderful to have a grandchil close by. We finally have that as well with little Aaron living close enough to come visit grandpa and grandma every week. I may not be able to hold him for long but I sure can talk and make him laugh :-)
The bright side of not bein able to hold him is that grandpa gets to change the diapers :-) ain't missing that part !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tam, that is one gorgeous granddaughter you have there. What happens if Junior and his beautiful bride have a wee one? Two wee ones are even more fun, and I'm sure there's lots of you to go around!