Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trapped in Hong Kong by Typhoon Megi

I can't believe my DUMB luck!  Here I am in down town Honk Kong, attending a trade fair and, wouldn't you know, this is the message I get on my blackberry from my darling SISTER/TRAVEL AGENT....

A TYPHOON is headed my way.


"Megi will pose a major threat to life and property wherever it's path crosses the south China coast"

How did I get myself into this mess?! 

What's a girl to DO when she finds herself directly in the path of a major TYPHOON?!  Well, if you are Tamara, you take the day off and hop on a train.....

headed straight to the happiest place on earth!

I just LOVE Disneyland.

I'm always so impressed with how Walt Disney was able to spread his ideology throughout his entire organization and around the world, making sure that anyone who marched down Main Street was treated like a prince or princess.

Junior is here with me because the Big Guy is off in Brazil this week for some important meetings.  Junior is a pretty good travel companion.  He loves Disneyland as much as I do.  He was REALLY excited to go on the Dumbo ride with me.  He was really disappointed to find out that most of the rides were closed due to INCLEMENT WEATHER!

Sorry about that Junior.  I'll make it up to you some other time.

While we were at the park, I bumped into someone who is an EXPERT at BLUSTERY DAYS....

and he has assured me that I have nothing to worry about.

Now, that's a RELIEF!

So, in memory of my brush with death here in Hong Kong this week, I have decided to hold another giveaway this coming week.  I will be giving away this beautiful, authentic Hong Kong Disney Pooh Bear to one lucky reader!  All you need to do is leave me a comment on my blog to get one chance to win him. 

Tell me one of YOUR worst travel disasters.

I need to hear about your nightmares so my life doesn't seem quite so CRAZY!

And, you can come back all week next week as well, to get more chances to become the lucky owner of this special Pooh Bear.  For each new comment you leave, I will put your name in the hat a second, third and fourth time......however many times you come back for a chat!


9 Responses to “Trapped in Hong Kong by Typhoon Megi”

momofcrt said...

oh my a typhoon! Hope you stay safe.
My worst travel: I rarely travel so I don't have any horror stories.
The worst thing that happened was when I landed in Toronto I took a bus to Hamilton thinking that's where I had to go. However, I got there, found a taxi to take me to a hotel, cost a fortune to drive three blocks. Had I known it was that close I'd have walked. I had to pay a fortune for a room and when I was looking out of my twelfth story window I watched a gang fight two blocks, not so terrible but at the time it was pretty scary.

momofcrt said...

ps I should have taken the bus to Waterloo, not Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say Drama queen?! the typhoon is not due to arrive there until Friday night...and should hit land east of Hong Kong if the current track is maintained...we will pray for that. My worst trip involved a drive through the mountians with 6 very young children(alicia was 2 weeks old) and Tim ended up very sick. We arrived in Edmonton with no firm plans for a place to stay, as my husband thought it would be fun to wing it. Long story short, Tim spent 5 days in the hospital,on major antibiotics and on the verge of surgery for the first 4 days...we missed mother and father in laws 40th annivewrsary...went camping for 5 days, at a lake with only pit toilets...Yup, I don't wing it very well, Lisa

Anonymous said...

ps, I love ya Tam;), LIsa

Anonymous said...

My worst trip was when we arrived at YVR on our way to a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean. American airline pilots had staged an illegal sickout so no-one was going anywhere. We were re-directed to Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, San Juan and finally Tortola where our ship picked us up, 3 days late. I didn't gain any weight on that cruise! Alida

LovingLynden said...

We were flying from PA to BC with all the kids and a few hours into the flight the plane caught fire. We had to make a nose dive emergency landing to an airport the size of the Langley airport. I was sitting with all the kids away from Marty and prayed with them but thought I'd die without saying goodbye to my husband. But we landed safely! Then we waited about 3 hours in a crowded little airport (no one was complaining - lots of TV crews etc) but then had to get on another plane to continue our flight. We weren't too crazy about setting foot on another plane but we didn't have much choice!

Colleen said...

Hmmm... well we haven't had any real travel disasters (like travel outside of Canada) - but we did crash the in-laws' car in the mountains last year. That was pretty darn scary!!
PS - I wish Disneyland California was as quiet as Hong Kong Disneyland looks in your pictures!!
Take care and get home safe!

tupperwaregal said...

Hope you stay safe and sound on your trip. Love pooh bear! Have never been to any of the Disney parks, maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

Blustery days are also a little exciting wouldent you say? Nothing like a little bit of adrenaline pumping adventure!