Friday, October 22, 2010

Essential Tools For Successfully Walking A Trade Show Floor

Walking a Trade Show floor is not as easy as it might sound.  Especially when the trade show is ENORMOUS!  So, I have found that there are ESSENTIAL tools that are a must for the working woman who wants to hit EVERY booth at the fair.  Wanna know what they are......

Why, BANDAIDS of course!

Unfortunately, in my haste to pack for this last minute trip, I forgot mine at home.  So, I called down to the front desk this morning, hoping they might have some in stock.


"Yes, good morning.  This is Mrs Jansen in room 1900.  I am wondering if you might have some bandaids that you could send up to my room?"

RECEPTIONIST: (with heavy Chinese accent)

"Hello ma'am.  You want banana?"


"No, no.  I am wondering if you have a BANDAID"


"Excuse me, did you say Bath Tub?"


"No, no.  BANDAID"


"Could you please hold the line a moment ma'am?"

DEAD SILENCE while the receptionist consults with her colleagues as to what I could possibly be asking for.

RECEPTIONIST: (happy to have finally figured it out)

"Hello ma'am.  I will have some Brandy sent up to your room immediately"

Due to this insurmountable language barrier, I had to bypass the front desk and instead ran down to the drugstore where I tried to explain what I was looking for.  For some strange reason, Bandaid means nothing in Hong Kong.  I finally had to take my shoes off an show my throbbing blisters to the lovely clerk.  She quickly showed me to a box of Disney Character bandages in the infant section!

In the taxi ride over to the show I treated my nasty wounds as quickly as possible.

I have work to do so there is no time to waste! I don't want to miss a booth!  I am glad that I had Winnie the Pooh come to my rescue once again!

Junior and I hit the show running.....

only stopping for WATER......

the occasional seminar......

and of course......


Oh, I have such a tough life!   But I will do ANYTHING to find what I need.  I have no regard for my own physical pain or discomfort.

I wonder if my customers truly appreciate what I am willing to endure for them?  Probably not.

Now, don't forget that for the next week I am holding a GIVEAWAY!  Yup, I am giving away my authentic Hong Kong Disney Pooh bear to one lucky blogger peep.

He has served his purpose well.  We are now looking SAFE from Typhoon Megi.  It seems to have wandered off course......

and is unlikely to cause us any further trouble in Hong Kong!

So, all you have to do to be entered to win is leave me a comment.  I just LOVE it when you talk to me.  Tell me what is YOUR essential tool that you never leave home without.  Let me know.  I'll pop you name into the hat for every comment you make this week.  You KNOW you want him!  He is adorable.


11 Responses to “Essential Tools For Successfully Walking A Trade Show Floor”

tupperwaregal said...

Glad to see that you will be safe. Gotta love the bandaids! So, cute. Have a great time in Hong Kong!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you will not be affected by Megi. We"ll pray that where ever it makes landfall, the impact will be minimal. Looks like you would have been better off wearing your killer high heels!! LOL, they never seem to give you blisters...Hope the rest of the show goes well and that you have a safe flight home, Lisa

leona said...

Very funny conversation! You have buy yourself some Clark shoes or Joseph Siebel...

Hope you made it home safe and sound :)

Rosa said...

Oh the band aids!
How well I remember the need for band aids at a trade show! lol
And as for Megi, I have a hunch our ernest prayers helped a bit too! ;)
miss you

Colleen said...

Happy travels!
Glad you were able to find some bandaids! (Did you get Brandy then too?) LOL
And speaking of bandaids - what a taken for granted item. My little girly seems to be allergic to them :(

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

Tamara....You were the winner of my Marc Jacobs bag!! Please email me with your name and address for shipping! Congrats and Hope you get home safely from your travels!!

Anonymous said...

you never cease to make me laugh. Where did you come from?!?! Anyways, i'm glad that you have someone so sweet and cuddly taking care of you out there in that scary place where they dont know what bandaids are!

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny Girl! I was so excited to see you were in Hong Kong - (we spent 5 weeks there, The Secret Weapon was teaching) and being old as dirt, as I am..I took the foreign students under my rather ample wing flaps (heh). Well, one of the American girls developed a nasty 'Lady Problem' - well known to all of us in the sticky heat of Summer (or anytime for that matter). You should have seen us trying to get some medicine for her. I finally decided I would do what saucy would 'devil may care' - (these people are never going to see me again) - so I know they are going home to laugh about "that crazy
Canadian customer I had today"..well WHATEVER!! Mission accomplished! I got the medicine!
You are too, too funny, my dear..and I think you would do the same! Happy travels..I like reading your blog! xoxo the fan

Anonymous said...

Essential thing I pack? Calcium to prevent night time leg cramps and of course, my Bible although I did forget that once and felt HORRID! alida

Anonymous said...

good ol pooh bear to the rescue! What would we do our whole lives without that cuddly ol bear?


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I always travel with bandaids in my wallet...just in case!

I love the pooh bear! Is he as large as he looks? I have one soon to be two grandson and another grandchild on the way so I would put that bear to good use :)