Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dinner At My House - Jamie Oliver Style

Tonight we had Jamie Oliver cook for us.

OK, maybe not the REAL Jamie Oliver but pretty close to it!

We chose Chicken Fajitas......

With fresh guacamole...

It was absolutely DELICIOUS!  (special thanks to Danny Boneduce for spear heading the project)

The Wee One really enjoyed the cheddar cheese and lime portion of the dinner.

So, I had the urge to share with you what it's really like at my place during dinner.  It's always rather entertaining.  Anything can happen.  Even Mini Me's brand new ukele makes an appearance......


Now, don't forget that on Monday morning I will be announcing the winner of the FABULOUS handbag I brought back from China.  That means that this is your last chance to enter by leaving a comment.  I'd like to hear how you "roll" at dinner time.  Is it strictly a formal affair?  Who has to clean the table when you're done? 

Personally, I find that there is no other time of the day that is as entertaining as when we all gather around and dig in to a home cooked meal.  Good food.......good company......good laughs!  I wish we could do it EVERY night.

The Big Guy wasn't home with us this evening because he is off galavanting in Brazil with a bunch of other important fellas.....

Pastor Ken and Pastor Julius
for some very important meetings this week. 

But after a very LONG trip, it turns out that the most important thing for my hubby was what was FOR DINNER.

Beans and Rice.  YUMMY!

photo sent from Brazil via blackberry this evening


11 Responses to “Dinner At My House - Jamie Oliver Style”

Anonymous said...

goodness that girl is cute! I just realized that we put her to bed without feeding her a real dinner though .... oops....good breakfast in the morning will fix that :D


Rosa said...

Unfortunately, all to often it's 'help yourself' .
I'm working on that though. My new spices are helping. :)
And Lydia, she had fruit and cheese. That's not to bad. lol

Ashley Ferreira said...

That's halirious, I was talking about Jamie Oliver with a friend of mine recently, saying not only is he good looking -- the man can cook!

Unfortunately, when I'm not with family in Victoria - most dinners are spent infront of the tv. But when I am in Victoria with family we have dinners and they last for hours with us just huddled around the table joking around.

Also - was Celina screamingly/singing along happily, or to stop? lol

mr. pineapple man said...

the fajita looks amazing!!! and the guac....heavenly :)

tupperwaregal said...

I love Jamie Oliver! Since there are only two of us for dinner, it is very informal. But my hubby does the dishes.

Pam Kersting said...

Tamara- I can just imagine the entertainment at your house each night with your crew! Each one so talented in their own individual way ... From your video, even the Wee One was a born entertainer! Not so in my house. I'd guess with our schedules at this time of year, we are lucky to sit down and break bread together three or four nights a week. That will change however, when soccer season is over. Happy Fall to you and yours!

SavannahGranny said...

Looks delicious and healthy. I want to come to your house for dinner. Great job. Ginger

Colleen said...

tehe, the whole time i was watching that video, Talia was sitting on my lap "laughing" away. C's such a cutie!
Dinner is sometimes formal sit down and sometimes not (good ole shift work to thank for that) with me always cleaning afterwards.

Anonymous said...

You know what dinner at my house looks've shared enough of them to be intimately familiar with our routine...I cook and we all clean. On a normal day, when there is no company, I cook for those who are home at dinner time, and make sure there is enough for our farm boy, when he gets home. OH..and one or more of the married ones may pop by and say, we're staying for it's always interesting at my house.. I love it, Lisa

Lori E said...

We both cook so it can be either one of us. Even with the most fancy table settings for the most important events we are always casual, casual, casual.
My hubby usually clears and loads the dishwasher. I usually wash the pans.
Either one of us will take out the empty pizza boxes and wine bottles though.

momofcrt said...

I usually cook, Henry does dishes while the boys do the other chores after supper (bathroom, vacuuming, devotions/cat care).
Suppers are pretty boring around here, same old same old. I don't dare make much different as it likely will be left behind. We have some favourites that we eat often.