Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heavy Rains In India Make Travel Difficult

Here we are in India, trapped in our hotel. It is raining so hard that not too many people dare to venture out. So we stay warm and dry inside while we wait for our suppliers to show us their finished samples.

Now, if you're going to get trapped in India, the Park Plaza hotel is definately the right place to be.
The bathroom boasts handmade soap and personal luffa sponges......
and the bed is big enough for 4!
Hopefully tomorrow the rains will subside and traffic will start moving again. In the meantime, I guess we'll just have to keep in touch by Blackberry messenger.
Text me!


5 Responses to “Heavy Rains In India Make Travel Difficult”

Laura said...

Oh, the torture of spending time in a plush hotel, eh! You'll just HAVE to put up with it :) Have a great weekend!

momofcrt said...

and I was excited to go to a neighbouring town for garage sales today, not quite as glamorous ;-).

Anonymous said...

Good thing I know how much you look forward to being home again, or I might worry that little old Langley might not hold your interest for long....You could always add a sculpture to your bedroom or your bathroom!! LOL
can't wait till you guys get back, Lisa

sarah vandergugten said...

Fun reading your blog, as usual. All the best and safe travels!

Marina said...

I enjoyed travelling with you around the world BUT...that picture of your teeth made me feel your pain!!! I hope that everything will go better from now on!