Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Sharp Sound Rings Out Like A Shot......

The kids are all off at String Camp in Ontario this week where they are having a whale of a fun time at my cousin Chandra's house when not busy playing their instruments along 70 other young people who are attending. Chandra happens to be an amazing photographer (see photos above or visit her photoblog ) as well as a wonderful hostess to my darling girls and their friend.

Although, I would like it to go on record herewith that I question the wisdom of giving Opera Diva the keys to a pick up truck for the duration of their visit. Certainly not because I think that Opera Diva would be anything but perfectly well behaved and courteous on the road. Her driving is impeccable, somewhat cautious but always law abiding.

No, my concern has much more to do with her passengers. These two young ladies, Mini Me and her best friend, are not to be trusted. These ladies are TROUBLE! Mini Me has recently posted the following description of said pick up truck on her Facebook page:

"having tooonnnsss of fun!! you should see us driving our pimpin farm truck, music full blast, windows down"

Oh my. This is not good.

NOTE TO SELF: Send Chandra a very, VERY LARGE bouquet of flowers and offer to send her on an all expenses paid vacation to the Carribbean. She's gonna need it by the time my girls leave!

Mind you........I haven't heard a WHISPER from Danny Boneduce ALL WEEK LONG! I hope he has been minding his manners. Here he is in the green shirt, for all intents and purposes, very studious and serious about his Cello playing. But.......beneath that mature looking facade lies a teenager.

"Danny? Danny are you out there? Behave yourself son. And don't forget, just because I haven't heard a PEEP out of you, doesn't mean I don't know your every MOVE! I have eyes in the back of my head and blogger peeps in every city! They are keeping me informed so WATCH YOUR STEP"

"Oh yah, and I MISS YOU like crazy!"

So, seeing as our household was completely empty this week, we decided to take a vacation and go to the lake.
The peace and quiet is a little disconcerting at first. Without the sounds of the city to fill our thoughts, no train to disturb our reveries, at times the quiet is seriously deafening!
Our morning cup of coffee has never tasted better. Mind you, I took along a can of Tim Horton's fine grind blend, so I wouldn't have a complete absence of all my city luxuries......

The empty chairs around us remind us of how solitary we are in this little piece of paradise. Not a single responsibility or care in the world......

We can EAT when we want..........

We can sit by the fire and look deeply into each others eyes lovingly for hours on end.......Please do not think too deeply about WHO may have taken the photo seen here above since it will ruin the theme of my blog post regarding our SOLITARY vacation. I will flatly deny that my father-in-law and mother-in-law and my 2 nephews were at the lake as well since it just doesn't seem quite as poignantly carefree and romantic as the spirit of this post was meant to be!

Rather, imagine if you will, complete serenity and peace as the lawn mower leisurely cuts its way through the soft, new green grass......until a SHARP sound rings out like a shot.........

The newly installed telephone is calling us back from our lazy reveries and back to the real world.

It's Junior on the other line. He has stayed behind to keep things running at the farm since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Fifi are off in the Peat Bogs of Quebec this week and we are having our second honeymoon at the lake. SOMEONE has to water the flowers!

"Dad, we have just had a drive-by shooting at the Brown Park greenhouse location. At 2 o'clock in the morning, the front of the house was sprayed with bullets. The Mexicans were sleeping in their bunks and the bullets missed their heads by just 12 inches! The police have the whole road blocked off and the K-9's are out hunting for clues to who did it."

"Don't worry Dad. Everything's under control. It's just a couple of holes in the house."
Yup, that's my life. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL! What's a few holes in the wall here or there?


(Crime Scene Photo credits of the bullet ridden house and police presence go to GROWER GIRL. Thanks for sending those. What would I do without you?)


11 Responses to “A Sharp Sound Rings Out Like A Shot......”

Anonymous said...

That is scary; the shooting, not opera Diva driving. What are you actually growing at those greenhouses...? Hmmmmm...? :-)

Becky K. said...

That is awful! Glad no one was hurt!!

Hope life calms down.

Becky K.

Lori E said...

Are you serious? OMG. That is unreal. What is up with that.
I am glad everyone is okay.

Laura said...

Unbelievable! That's truly terrifying! I'm glad everyone is okay.

Prior to that point in the post, I was going to commend you on your revisionist history. Well done! ;)

Chandra said...

Your girls have been soooooooo much trouble, I'm thinking two weeks in the Dominican Republic might be in order. I'm really looking forward to the time away!!


We've really enjoyed having the girls here; they're great with the kids, and very comfortable with all of us. It's been a real pleasure, and I'm sure we'll be happy to do it again for the next Ontario string camp!

Anonymous said...

Hello Tamara and Byron,

Was at the String Concert tonight in our church where, Breanne, Rebecca and Rueben played - great concert. I spoke to Rueben and one of your daughters, could't remember which one - I told them to talk back a hello from me.


momofcrt said...

Oh my goodness, that is scary Tamara (the shooting that is).
Sounds like the children in Ontario are having fun. I missed seeing Chandra and her family when I was out visiting. guess I'll have to make another trip ;-).
Enjoy the quiet, they'll be home soon enough.

Tootsie said...

holy crap!!! I am so glad no one was hurt and hope they catch the guys that did it...
and just when I was thinking about how good you are to be able to take photos of you and your man with no hands!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a customer pissed off with the lack of quality in their plants?

Rosa said...

Wow Tam!
Looks like you've made the big time in the Blogosphere!
You've managed to attract a Troll!
Trolls need to be ignored and deleted. . . :(

Marina said...

Is there a way for a mother to relax and have some romantic days near a lake without thinking about her kids and what they've been doing? NO!!!
Once a mother always a mother!
I hope everything is ok now with the shooting, police and everything and you'll continue your relaxed days with your beloved hubby!