Thursday, July 29, 2010

Danny Boneduce LIVE in Newfoundland

Why is Danny Boneduce sitting in the Vancouver airport waiting for a plane all by his lonesome? What could a young fella like him be doing there? How can his parents consider letting him fly UNCHAPERONED?! He's only 15. That can't be legal, can it?

As a matter of fact, young Danny has been asked to fly all the way out to St John's, Newfoundland to stand in for an American Cellist who had to drop out of the Tuckamore music festival at the last minute. He going to be playing Shostakovich.

I know, CRAZY isn't it? I'm not sure about the wisdom of sending my baby boy across the continent. He's just too young. I mean, he is still in his GROWING phase........
He still thinks sitting in puddles in the rain is the MATURE thing to do.....I mean, I still have to BRIBE him to practice! If he wants to play a little of THIS.....(there he is on the bottom row left side, with his white hair and goofy ears)

he's got to play a little of THIS........That's right, son. NONE of THIS......
(There he is again, second row middle, white haired goofy guy right close to the trophy)

If you don't first do THIS......My other concern is the fact that Danny Boneduce is not that neat or tidy. You should see the state of his music on any given day! The last time he had a competition I had to get out the IRONING BOARD and IRON his music flat! I kid you not!

How on earth is he going to survive without me?!

Oh, well. There's not much we can do about it anymore. The ticket is purchased and the cello is ready for air travel, bubble wrap and all.
Hope you have a wonderful time son! And don't forget, your MOMMA LOVES YA!

Just so none of my blogger peeps feel JIPPED since they can't be at the final concert there in St John's, Newfoundland to hear Danny Boneduce LIVE in concert, here's Danny playing Dvorak with his sisters at a recent event. ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

How did he come to be asked? Enquiring minds want to least mine does.