Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?!

The last few weeks have been very challenging for me and my design crew. I needed to come up with a whole new line up of pots for next year and I needed to do it FAST! This was a job for my CRACK DESIGN TEAM headed up by my SECRET WEAPON.......


"Hey Wee One, are you available to give me a hand this week? You're my best hope at getting this project done on time!"


"What?! You're in trouble Gramma?! I'll be right over!"


How much do you charge these days? Can you accept payment in Gummy Bears? I'll pay you time and a half 'cause I really need your HELP!"


"Mmmmmm! GUMMY BEARS!! Now that's what I call a sweet deal!"

"Can I bring my peeps over with me? My Mom gets kinda lonely when I leave her home alone. She says she won't cause any fuss. "


"I don't care WHO you bring along......just hurry up and get here allready!"


"Just give me a minute to get there. Don't you worry, Gramma. I've got your back!"

Fortunately it didn't take too long and my CRACK DESIGN TEAM headed up by the Wee One was on site and brainstorming in no time. Should the style for 2010 be urban chic or modern traditional? Is it too risky to go with "cutting edge"? Maybe we should play it safe this year. We considered all the options.

Suddenly, the Wee One got really quiet.........


"Why don't we do something with STYROFOAM?! Nobody does stuff with styrofoam these days. It will be CUTTING EDGE!"

"Just look at these beauties! These could really add some dimension to the design....."

"There's NO WAY the competition will be using STYROFOAM!"

"If we just place them strategically into the pot, they will look very CHIC!"

"That's it! That's the ticket! We're gonna be FAMOUS with this new concept!"

"I just wonder how we're gonna get someone to make 2 million little styrofoam balls for us?"

"Oh no, wait a minute. We actually will need 3 million little styrofoam balls for my plan to work"

"I hope you have a LOT of peeps working for you in China Gramma, cause this is gonna be one BIG project!"

So, once my crack team of designers was finished getting my whole presentation together I booked my airplane ticket and jetted off to see a few customers.

(NOTE: This is a TOP SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL presentation as usual. My apologies that I am not able to share the details with you at this time. You will just have to wait to see what it looks like when it arrives in a store near you. At that time I expect you to purchase at least 2 of these beauties so that we can afford to keep our employees in GUMMY BEARS for another year)

It was a long and tiring flight.........

Travelling is such a CHORE! "Can you pass me another warm chocolate chip cookie please?"

I brought a book with me so I could do a little reading during the long flight on how to make a killer sales presentation . I wanted to make sure I was perfectly prepared for the tough sales job I was facing.

I walked confidently out of the airport and boarded a cab, knowing that we had done our very best to offer our clients an amazing program that is sure to please due in no small part to the incredible help from my peeps at Darvonda!

What would I do without you guys??!!


6 Responses to “Who You Gonna Call?!”

Lori E said...

That cutie pie looks like she is a big help for sure. Good luck.

Becky K. said...

Whew! Thank goodness this little one is on your team!!!


Becky K.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Just a quick word of caution on the styrofoam...apparently it does not show up on x-rays when swallowed...my friend's child choked on part of a cup once, and required surgery to remove it. Thankfully they knew what he was choking on, because you cannot see it. Not to rain on your parade, but you know, your design team might chew on the end of their pencil or say, a styrofoam ball.

Tamara Jansen said...

OK, that is very IMPORTANT information that I did not know! Styrofoam is not visible on an x-ray. I can't believe I let the Wee One play with those.....

Rosa said...

Sure wish I had someone that cute on MY crack team!

cindy said...

I am going to enjoy your blog. We are mid-life first time farmers. A little scary.

I'll be back.
-take care