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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Throw Me a Life Preserver!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where there's just not enough CHOCOLATE in the world to make things right?!

Or one of those days where you just wanna cuddle up in your bathrobe, turn off your cell phone and just pretend there's nothing going wrong?
Well, My week has so far been one of those "THROW ME A LIFE PRESERVER" kinda weeks.You know the kind I mean. The kind where you just don't know what other kind of unsavory sorts of things are gonna happen next........BUT......I think we almost have our HARD DRIVE crash sorted out finally. We've lost a lot of data but my Darvonda peeps really buckled down hard and got my presentation back up and running by re-doing the WHOLE thing! Thanks to everyone who pitched in........and I mean EVERYONE!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hard Drive Crash Jeopardizes Big Presentation

For the last few days we have been dealing with a serious CRASH at Darvonda. Unfortunately, one of the HARD DRIVES kicked the bucket.
Of course, it was the hard drive containing Tamara's big GARDEN CENTER PRESENTATION file and there's.......
there's no BACK UP FILE!
Pardon me while my design team and I spend the weekend trying to RE-DO the ENTIRE presentation. What a relief that I have such great peeps here at Darvonda who will do anything for me........even work the weekend!
I'm off to go see what we can salvage of this mess.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do You Remember When......

Think back. Think WAAAAAY back. Do you remember your life at 15? I know, it's a long, long time ago for some of us but why not take a trip down memory lane with me today?

I remember watching television after school.......swimming at the local public pool on Saturdays.......helping out when mom or dad needed a hand........having fun in the back yard.......Summer holidays at the lake?

Wasn't that a wonderful time of innocence and joy? A time when you could still enjoy cartoons......backyard barbecue's.......sitting around the campfire.......water ski without worrying about at a part time job just to make a little pocket change.

Oh, what a time that was.

However, at 15 years old, Danny Boneduce has a secret ambition that very few people are aware of. He has been working quietly and diligently these past few years to become a famous cellist, hoping to record a CD with Peter Wildeman one day. In between all the fun of being 15, he has spent endless hours practicing his instrument and honing his skills.

I think he's gonna get there one day. I really do!

If you live in the Fraser Valley and would like to see Danny in concert, this week you will have 2 opportunities.

Friday, February 19, 2010 at 8 pm

Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church
7949 202A Street, Langley, BC
(Fundraising concert for Manoah Manor. Featuring musicians from the Canadian Reformed Churches including Opera Diva and Mini Me)


Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Langley Community Music School
4899 207 Street, Langley, BC
(Awards Ceremony and concert featuring festival award winners. Opera Diva and Mini Me will also be performing their gold winning pieces at this concert)

See you there......


Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Spring in Germany!

We have finally returned from our trip to Europe to attend the 2010 IPM in Essen, Germany. Regardless of the fact that it was ridiculously cold in Germany for the past 3 weeks, I can tell you that at the IPM tradeshow, attended by Horticulture professionals from all over the world, SPRING has sprung!

I know you won't believe me since heavy snowfall and unseasonably cold temperatures have almost paralyzed transportation in Europe, so I took a whole BUNCH of photos to prove to you that cold weather never keeps us GROWERS from bringing spring flowers to the masses!

There is nowhere else on earth where a person can get a bigger FIX of fresh flowers and green plants than at this very show.
And boy, do these guys KNOW how to arrange flowers!

I mean, would you ever THINK of decorating your CHAIRS with a flower arrangement?!
Have you ever looked at a LEMON and thought "Hmmmm. This would look great for a table centerpiece" ?
How about creating picture frame nooks in your living room wall for a gallery of live CYMBIDIUM ORCHIDS? Wouldn't THAT be a conversation starter?
I am completely convinced that if we could just make sure that every place that sold flowers would create displays like THIS......
or THIS........
or even THIS.........
then fresh flower sales would SKY ROCKET in Canada and the USA.

Imagine setting up you dining room to look like THIS.....
or setting one of THESE in your front hall entry way?
In North America we love a BIGGIE sized drink but it looks like in Europe they love a BIGGIE sized fresh flower arrangement.
It has got to be so much healthier to jumbo-size your floral arrangements than your soda pop, wouldn't you say?

Here's a gigantic wine glass with a mix of calla lilies and greens. Are you starting to drool yet?
CAUTION: The following photos may bring on a strong desire to run to your nearest florist and spend your grocery budget on some fresh flowers. Proceed with EXTREME CAUTION!

Imagine this in your very own LIVING ROOM.....
or THIS in your BOUDOIR.......
Have you had enough yet? Can you stand to see more or am I going to give you a floral induced aneurysm? Just a few more pictures? OK, you asked for it......

I LOVE Sheurich pots. They are just so colorful.

and I think I'm gonna try make an arrangement like this for my next Venetian themed birthday party. You're ALL INVITED!

Being at the show was just such a breath of fresh, spring air with a dash of citrus....
We tried to forget completely that we were in the throes of the worst winter storm Germany has seen in a long time.......
and just wandered around the endless garden and floral displays in blissful oblivion.
Well, admittedly we stopped a few times to sit down and have a coffee at different booths. I refuse to wear anything but high healed shoes because I want to look stylish and professional. I pay for it by the end of a full day walking on the show floor.
It's always great to stop and take a load off between drooling sessions.
But alas, all good things come to an end. We had to take the train back to our hotel and pack up once again.
Now, don't you go feeling sorry for us because we may have been leaving GERMANY but.....we were on our way to ITALY for a 10 day cruise of the Western Mediterranean with my sister Lisa and her husband Rick!!!
Genoa, Barcelona, Casablanca, Lisbon, etc. We visited them all. I only got food poisoning ONCE in Spain, overdosed on Gravol ONCE on the open ocean, and tripped at the Colosseum ONCE in Rome. Unfortunately I got TWO bruises on that last one. But I am back home and excited to share our journey with all my blogger peeps.......once I get over my jet lag. That may take a while!