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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Septic Problems are a Smelly Business

I have decided that I am glad we are not in the plumbing business. Plumbing means you may occasionaly have to work on septic fields........PLUGGED septic fields. YUCK and double YUCK! Plumber boy is now gone off to do his own thing so we're forced to find someone else to get the plumbing working again over at location 3. Guess who got the dirty job this time? Junior, of course. Junior will do it. Junior will do ANYTHING!

I think I'll stick to what I do best.........and that has nothing at all to do with plumbing. PS: Junior would like to make it very clear that he has absolutely no background in plumbing besides what the Big Guy has taught him. Should the septic system back up again in the near future, he cannot be held responsible. All complaints about shoddy plumbing should be forwarded to the Big Guy :)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Retail Therapy 101

Do you ever feel like taking a day off, JUST BECAUSE?! You know, you just have the feeling of being uninspired, lacking in energy, a bad case of the Blaaa's? Do you have a special way to jump start your psyche? Have you got a special technique that gets you feeling like you're back on track? Does your coping technique involve SHOPPING? I'm sure you'll find it hard to believe but, shopping is most definately a THERAPY I believe in.

I decided that I needed to school my daughter's in the art of "Retail Therapy" this weekend down in a little place called Fort Langley. This tiny little town is just 5 minutes from my house but it is a dream location! Some day I wanna buy a retirement home here.......but for now, I'm just happy to wander the streets and gaze at the gorgeous old buildings that line main street.

There's nothing like stopping for an icecream while you meander down the tree lined streets. Praline, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry cones all around were just the right thing to give us that little extra sugar boost so we could power through some of the GORGEOUS shops, searching for that perfect "Thing".

Retail Therapy Tip #1: Always start your therapy session with some important and necessary purchase in mind. You will achieve a high level of satisfaction following your session if you do actually find some highly important item that you really needed to purchase.

Today's goal for the girls and I was "Something for Dad" since Father's Day is soon. So, naturally we stopped in at "Off To Bed", hoping to find something to help him sleep better at night. To our surprise, they only catered to children. To our delight, they only catered to children. We found a number of must haves for the new nursery. Check out this green frog.........and green piggy bank.........very adorable.

It was a shame that the price tag on that Piggy Bank was $50 or I definately would have bought it. We we also tempted by THIS little plaque for the "Wee One's" nursery but decided against it!

Retail Therapy Tip #2: Always do some research on the web prior to leaving as this will make your trip more successful. Should you happen upon a store online such as "Off To Bed" that caters only to children, make sure to hold out hope that, even though you're shopping for a Father's Day present, you may still find something for him there and head there immediately. You never know, you may be able to "kill two birds with one stone"........or not.

After finding nothing to satisfy our needs for Father's Day,we phoned home to invite the rest of the family out for coffee time at the little 50's restaurant right down town Fort Langley. Everyone was too busy laying out 15 acres of Fall Mum'sonly to stop working. So, we made a plan to pick them all up later that afternoon after a little more shopping.

Here's another store we thought had potential for a Father's Day gift, a Boutique children's clothing store. You never know where you might find the perfect gift for the Big Guy so I figured it was worth a try! Especially since they had OUR hanging baskets out front, I felt I owed them a quick look around.

Ooooooh, be still my heart.........a Juicy Couture Jacket to die for! If this was just a couple sizes larger I'd buy it for myself! I have a feeling that the "Wee One" may be a girl because as soon as we took this picture there was some serious bouncing inside that purple ball of belly you see in the picture.

Have I mentioned that Fort Langley is a GORGEOUS little town? Shopping in this atmosphere just feels like a mini-vacation. Seriously, I'd love to retire here one day.

Retail Therapy Tip #3: Always include as many of your family members in every therapy session to maximize the endorphins produced. Drinking a cold beer with your relatives and in-laws is a sure fire way to make it a power session.

Now, if you like the 50's, you should really come on by and check this place out. We had tons of fun plugging quarters into the Juke Box. There's just no bad 50's music, in my opinion. The Beer and the Milkshakes were flowing as we clinked glasses in memory of my Little Angel's birthday that has just passed. Could it really be 20 years ago that I had my first little baby daughter?! Time sure flies!

We managed to convince the guys that they should relax a while in the Cafe while we hit ONE LAST shop just down the favorite shop full of all things Shabby Chic. The Big Guy hates SHABBY CHIC so I figured he could hang out with the rest of the boys to while away the afternoon. UNFORTUNATELY, the store was closed! Here we are, looking very disappointed to find a locked door. Come on girls, pout like you mean it! Doesn't anyone know how to pout like their mother?! Oh, I have soooooo much more to teach you ladies.

Now ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go out and practice what you've just learned in Retail Therapy class 101!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hooked on Industry Luncheon's

I bet you never thought about the fact that there are meetings going on in North America right now that will affect your buying for next year.........people are picking and choosing what will sell at your local garden center in 2010 while you are sitting in your back yard, enjoying a beer and grilling a burger on the barbecue. Today was one of those days. Today is a day that I was really HOOKED on Industry Luncheon's like the one hosted by Ball Horticulture this afternoon.

I wish you could have all come with me but we only had 4 spots booked. Since I wasn't able to invite everyone, I figured I'd take a whole bunch of pictures and blog about it for all my blogger peeps.

The luncheon was organized by an international plant seller, Ball Horticultural, for area growers to check out the varieties that are new to the market. The focus was on flowers with excellent garden performance. Just look at these amazing planters that were spread out around the yard. It's enough to make you wanna stay home this summer instead of going to the lake, just so you can enjoy the show!

Ball is the supplier for the very wonderful brand of petunia's called Potunia's by Dummen, a german plant breeder. I just love they way they set this little display up against the backdrop of this little old shed.

Look at this fabulous old barn, circa 1898. Look at all the barn wood. Are you drooling yet? We got a tour inside the old lady which used to house hay and milking cows. There are still old records hanging on the wall from the 1950's to document transactions from many moons ago.

Here's our grower girl, sitting beneath a tree, networking/embibing with our competition. You never know who's going to be at these luncheon's and it's always fun to hear how all the other growers fared over the past season.

Here's me with Yves, the Canadian Regional Director for Ball Horticulture. I like Yves. He likes a good bottle of wine.......and so do I. The difference is, he can actually tell the difference between a good wine and a cheap wine. I can't. I wanna learn more about wine from Yves :)

We really enjoyed our afternoon around the pool, soaking in the BC sun, enjoying the view of the mountains and sipping a good glass of Merlot. I wish you all could have joined us because it was a beautiful time.......maybe next year?

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Metamorphosis of a Baby Nursery - phase 1

It's imperative that I clarify a very important piece of information for all my blogger peeps out there. It seems that I may have accidentally given the wrong impression in my last post on Decorating a Dream Nursery, Gramma Style. I need to clarify that we do not know the gender of my new grand baby, whom we hope to meet in real life this August. In fact, we do NOT know the gender of the "wee one". All that pink stuff in my previous DREAM post may have been slightly misleading.'s Metamorphosis post is about the REAL nursery colors. This is a nursery that is in a state of METAMORPHOSIS. It's part way to becoming a calm oasis for baby and mommy to cuddle and bond.

My little Angel has allready gotten a coat of primer on all the walls, believe it or not. She let me come shopping with her to pick paint colors last week at Home Depot. What FUN!

I feel badly for our local Home Depot though, since the paint associate was very stressed and managed to mix all of our 3 paint colors up. He wasted so much paint, I feel just awful! We wanted a can of BEHR in Applesauce yellow, a can of CIL in Precious Jasper and a quart in a lighter green......
Or was it a can of CIL in Applesauce yellow and a can of Precious Jasper in BEHR. The first 3 cans all came out in Precious Jasper and one actually exploded in the paint spinner. By the time we left, they had mixed 6 cans incorrectly!

The nursery is being decorated to match this lovely baby quilt my daughter bought.She's going for a Safari theme, baby style. Mini Me is going to help with the art work and my son-in-law's handy-man father is hopefully going to build a wall unit and window bench.

We ladies are going to attempt to make matching cushions and throw pillows in color-coordinated fabrics. Sewing is a bit outside my comfort zone but........I'm always up for a challenge!

Last night I spent hours surfing the web looking for suitable stuffed animals that would tie in with the safari decor. I found this DARLING Giraffe that I think would suit the paint and the theme just perfectly.

How about this darling Lion?Isn't he just ADORABLE?

I searched for so long to find a Monkey that was soft and cuddly and finally found this one. Believe me, there are some amazingly realistic looking stuffed Monkeys out there that would be sure to scare the diaper off any new born.

Now, I love this green frog back pack but I can't remember if there was a frog on the quilt.

I'm getting old enough to be a GRAMMA so my memory isn't as good as it used to be.

And if we DID know the gender of "wee one" was a boy, I would definately, definately buy this cute-as-a-button blue lion by GUND.....or was it Cuddlekin?Can anyone out there tell me if they had the same symptoms as me when they found out they were going to be a GRAMMA? Is it normal to:

-Surf the web till all hours of the night looking for nursery items?

-Shop for baby clothes?

-Dream of paint colors all night long?

-Check out Baby Swap Meets for high chairs and Playpens?

I have decided that my symptoms simply mean that the little "wee one" is already the love of our lives! Come on, all you Gramma's, back me up on this one!

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