Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Sister Married A REAL Man!

I just REALIZED that I have never introduced all my blogger peeps to my brother-in-law, Davey Crocket. I feel just TERRIBLE to have left such an important introduction out for such a long time. I mean, Davey is such a unique character. EVERYONE should meet him one day. I need to remedy my blogging FAUX PAS right now, people.

This weekend the Big Guy and I stopped by my sister's place in Edmonton to extend her and Davey Crocket our congratulations on their 25th wedding anniversary. This is where you can normally find Davey when you go visit, out on the back porch smoking a hand rolled cigarette in -34 degree temperatures, reading a book and hanging with his beloved dog, Jada.
He sits outside in -34 degree weather to smoke because he loves my sister SOOOO much and she has asthma. Smoking makes her cough uncontrollably. He sits outside in wind and rain, snow and sleet, just so my sister won't be bothered by his manly activity. What a SWEETY!

My brother-in-law, just like the real Davey Crocket, also loves to HUNT. He enjoys sitting out in the woods, quietly rustling the branches and small trees with his "rack" to attract the elk towards him. He's patient........he's quiet.........he always gets his ELK!

The Big Guy and I were fascinated with the idea that Davey Crocket had 3 elk hanging in his garage and we couldn't resist checking them out. Now, don't forget people, it was -34 degrees in Edmonton and we come from BC where it never gets down to -34. It was rotten COLD in that garage. The elk were frozen solid......and within seconds so were we! Davey took some time to tell us the story of exactly how he and his friends bagged these beauties but we couldn't handle the sub-zero temperatures. It wasn't long and we dragged him back inside to finish the tale over a nice bottle of red wine.

We had a great time at Rosa's place this weekend, especially since Lisa, my other sister, came out for the occasion as well. You see, it was HER 25th wedding anniversary too......because they got married on the same day in a double ceremony! I was the bridesmaid. That's back in the days when BIG hair was REALLY BIG!

Congratulations guys and thanks for the great time!.


11 Responses to “My Sister Married A REAL Man!”

tupperwaregal said...

That's awesome Tammy, that you could be there as well, love the picture of the three of you, can't remember when my sisters and i were all together.

Tootsie said...

ya know what???? I thought Rosa was only in her late 20's!!! her profile photo makes her look so young!
It is still cold here...but it did warm up a little...-23C....still sucks icicles! lol
it was nice to meet your brother in law!

Shelia said...

Hi Tamara! Oh, I used to sing Davey Crockett's song when I was little! Now I couldn't take looking at those deer innards for very long, well I guess the innards are gone! :)
Happy anniversary to your sis and Davey! :) What a sweet picture and how awesome both sisters were married in a double wedding. I've never been to one of those. YOu're just as cute as a button.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rosa said...

Well Tamara. . .
I hate to corect you publicly, but Sheila is right. . .
Those are deer innards every one is looking at.
If there were 3 elk hanging in the garage Davey would have been doing the dance of joy while telling his story! :)
I'm so glad the four of you were able to come.

Tamara Jansen said...

I stand corrected! I thought that Davey was talking about Elk.....although I know he mentioned deer as well. Thank you for making sure that I'm schooled in the art of telling the difference between and elk and a deer :)

We must be sisters!

momofcrt said...

I'm so sad i missed you guys, the weather was just rotten and the roads terrible. If it had just been cold we'd have come, however, the blowing snow prohibited safe driving. Henry and I went out for dinner here instead.
Some day we shall meet again, it's been so long hey?
Then again, Rosa lives only 1.5 hours away and we've only visited there twice, hmmm she hasn't been our way.......;-)
your mom was in church on Sunday with Aunt H, but they ran off right away so I didn't have a chance to hug her and say hi.

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the intro to such a nice brother in law ! Brave soul in the cold weather you are enduring.. Great wedding photo! So enjoyed my visit to your blog and I will be back .....

Lori E said...

Did y'all notice the picture of him with the wine. Looks like the antlers are coming out of his head.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Ew! While I'm happy to eat the creatures, I deliberately avoided the invitation to visit the garage. Now I had to see them anyway! A little warning of the graphical content would have been nice! :-) I'll get over it.

Anonymous said...

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