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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top 10 Signs That You Need To Take A Winter Vacation.

Are you in need of a METAMORPHOSIS from this wintery season of snow and ice? How can you tell that you really NEED to take a winter vacation right about now? Here are the Top 10 Signs that you need to take a winter break........

10. The local Garden Centers have better Christmas decorations than you do at your place.

9. You're beginning to think you look good in that paper hat you got in your Christmas Cracker.

8. Your niece looks better in HER Christmas Cracker paper hat than YOU do!

7. You start wishing you were sitting at the kiddie's table so you can be the first at the buffet.

6. There are more Blackberries at your Christmas dinner than bottles of wine.

5. It takes TWO people to dry ONE plate.

4. You get into a scrap with a toddler over who gets to play the electronic piano next.

3. You get jealous of that same toddler because of his "sweet-0" reclining chair.

2. You find your derriere just doesn't FIT that "sweet-o" reclining chair like when you were a toddler.

1. Your sister arranges a CRUISE in the MEDITERANEAN for you at the end of JANUARY 2010.......and she books one too!
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another 6 Acres To Plant......

Another year has come and gone
Planting for Spring has already begun.
Sales continue to rise
Forcing us to increase in size.
Building new greenhouses just wasn't the plan
So we've decided to rent them from another man.
6 more acres we will need to maintain
Across the bridge we go in the rain.


In 2010 CONSTRUCTION won't give us a fear.
So I can shout from the roof tops "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"


Sunday, December 20, 2009

North Pole Makeover - Santa's Apprentice

This past week has been very busy around here. You see, Frosty the Snowman dropped by the greenhouse looking for some assistance with a BIG problem he has. Santa has been trying to re-vamp his image, trying to bring the whole North Pole marketing scheme into the 21st century. He wants his image to be more HIP and HAPPENIN' inorder to keep the next generation connected to his BRAND. Frosty has been given the task to find SANTA and APPRENTICE! I think he has his work cut out for him.......

For the past 7 days, Darvonda has been searching high and low for the next APPRENTICE to bring the Santa Claus legacy into the modern times. High level brainstorming sessions with management have discovered that the following characteristics are ESSENTIAL if Santa is going to keep his standings in the POLLS.
First and foremost, the candidate must be able to relate to the children........
Next, he must understand what the kids are talking about when they ask Santa for all those new fangled techy toys that are all the rage......Of course, the APPRENTICE must bear some RESEMBLANCE to Santa, since the children know EXACTLY what Santa looks like......And the final and most IMPORTANT aspect of Santa's APPRENTICE.........
the candidate must be able to grow his own WHISKERS!

The Wee One isn't too impressed with the FAKE BEARD that Danny Boneduce donned so I'm afraid he will not make the cut to be the next SANTA APPRENTICE.

The Big Guy and I really tried to help out Frosty in his search for the most suitable candidate, even taking some of the training into our own hands. We took the second SANTA APPRENTICE wanna-be out on the road to teach him the ropes of WAVING and HO HO HO'ing in the perfect SANTAish way. We believe in HANDS-ON trainging here at Darvonda!

So, rest assured my blogger friends, we are not going to let the little kiddies down. We promise to find the best APPRENTICE for Santa possible before Rudolph and the boys RETIRE. This extreme North Pole Makeover edition is in good hands!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


I managed to get out and do a bit of Christmas Idea Shopping in the last two weeks which is probably the MOST FUN part of my job at Darvonda.Who wouldn't LOVE to go from garden center to garden center checking out what's available for Christmas this year?!

I have a hard time remaining un-biased and business like when I go on these trips.

I start imagining how I could re-do my living room.........get the Big Guy to install a fireplace next weekend or so.
But, I take my sister Lisa along on a trip like this to keep me grounded.......and FOCUSED on the job at hand.

I LOVE seeing everyone's ideas on how to decorate for the holidays. It just puts me in the MOOD to entertain. There's Christmas Carols playing in the background......

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,

Jingle all the way!

Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh!

By the end of a trip like this is I always end up suffering from a little case of "ORNAMENT ENVY". I just want to be able to have such a great collection of ornaments to use around my house from year to year but........
I just never have TIME to get a good collection going!
And........I worry about how much WORK it would take to pack all those beloved ornaments back up at the end of the season to keep them safe and ORGANIZED for next year.

Honestly, I think I'm just too LAZY to get a really good collection going.

And just to make sure you are up on the latest TREND for Christmas 2009.......
the UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREE is all the RAGE! I wonder if I should try that at my place when things slow down around here.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cast Your Burden......

Last night was a long night. It was bitterly cold and we had a drive motor BURN OUT on our sawdust burning boiler. That meant trouble! If the sawdust can't get to the boiler, the boiler won't run. If the boiler won't run, we have no heat in the greenhouse. No heat in the greenhouse means that all these little beauties could FREEZE!

So, that meant that the guys had to come up with some SOLUTIONS to our little PROBLEM. Unfortunately, the issue was discovered right around dinner time and no shops were open where we could possibly get a new drive motor. After much thought and consultation, a MACGYVER like contraption was built.........a rented drill keeps things turning and a fan keeps the motor cool.........straps and poles keep the drill in a stationary's an ugly looking temporary fix but it seemed to work.

But, it did mean that the boiler had to be babysat ALL NIGHT LONG. The Wee One wanted to go sit with Grampa a while......... but her mother told her that it was bed time. "Aaaaaaw, come on MOM! Can't I go sit with Grampa?! He's lonely sitting out there all by himself!"
It's at times like these that Tamara gets to thinking. She starts thinking deep.......very deep. So last night as I lay in my bed all alone I started thinking about this drive motor that has been running all night, every night for many years, faithfully bringing the sawdust to the boiler. Regular as clock work. I thought "Who knew there was a motor that was running all night, every night which was so ESSENTIAL to our business?". I had really taken this special motor for granted.

Then I thought even DEEPER.......uh oh, watch out people.......she's thinking really deep now! I thought "Now the Big Guy has to sit beside the boiler all night long to make sure that it keeps running. But there are HUNDREDS of motors all over the greenhouses......WHO is gonna watch THOSE?!"

It's at times like these that I am reminded that WE can't watch all those motors....... or keep all our drivers SAFE on the slippery winter roads........ or even make people buy our plants if they don't want to. It's times like these that I realize I must "cast my burden" on my Saviour, Jesus Christ. What a RELIEF that I'm not in charge!

Now, just one more thing I want to share today. Last weekend a vibrant, young couple, Darcie and Gavin, full of joy and anticipation of their upcoming summer wedding, were taken to be with the Lord in a devastating motor vehicle accident in Owen Sound, Ontario. Darcie, this beautiful young lady, used to work here at Darvonda. Her MEGA WATT smile was such a joy to be around. We grieve along with their families and friends but we are comforted in knowing that WE are NOT IN CHARGE!

This morning I was reading from Psalm 139 with the kids before they rushed off to school and it gave me great comfort. I hope you don't mind if I share a portion with you here.

"Thou knowest when I sit down and when I rise up;
thou discernest my thoughts from afar.
Thou searchest out my path and my lying down,
and art acquainted with all my ways.
Even before a word is on my tongue,
lo, O Lord, thou knowest it altogether.
Thou dost beset me behind and before,
and layest thy hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
it is high, I cannot attain it"

May our gracious Lord give comfort to all those grieving the loss of a loved one and may we always cast our burdens upon Him.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Sister Married A REAL Man!

I just REALIZED that I have never introduced all my blogger peeps to my brother-in-law, Davey Crocket. I feel just TERRIBLE to have left such an important introduction out for such a long time. I mean, Davey is such a unique character. EVERYONE should meet him one day. I need to remedy my blogging FAUX PAS right now, people.

This weekend the Big Guy and I stopped by my sister's place in Edmonton to extend her and Davey Crocket our congratulations on their 25th wedding anniversary. This is where you can normally find Davey when you go visit, out on the back porch smoking a hand rolled cigarette in -34 degree temperatures, reading a book and hanging with his beloved dog, Jada.
He sits outside in -34 degree weather to smoke because he loves my sister SOOOO much and she has asthma. Smoking makes her cough uncontrollably. He sits outside in wind and rain, snow and sleet, just so my sister won't be bothered by his manly activity. What a SWEETY!

My brother-in-law, just like the real Davey Crocket, also loves to HUNT. He enjoys sitting out in the woods, quietly rustling the branches and small trees with his "rack" to attract the elk towards him. He's patient........he's quiet.........he always gets his ELK!

The Big Guy and I were fascinated with the idea that Davey Crocket had 3 elk hanging in his garage and we couldn't resist checking them out. Now, don't forget people, it was -34 degrees in Edmonton and we come from BC where it never gets down to -34. It was rotten COLD in that garage. The elk were frozen solid......and within seconds so were we! Davey took some time to tell us the story of exactly how he and his friends bagged these beauties but we couldn't handle the sub-zero temperatures. It wasn't long and we dragged him back inside to finish the tale over a nice bottle of red wine.

We had a great time at Rosa's place this weekend, especially since Lisa, my other sister, came out for the occasion as well. You see, it was HER 25th wedding anniversary too......because they got married on the same day in a double ceremony! I was the bridesmaid. That's back in the days when BIG hair was REALLY BIG!

Congratulations guys and thanks for the great time!.