Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a Difference 95 Years Makes!

A lot can change in 95 years. 95 years ago, life was very different. As a matter of fact, 95 years ago the automobile was just beginning to drive off Henry Ford’s assembly line, telephones were only for the very wealthy and an ounce of gold was worth $18.99. Here we are, 95 years later and the Ford company made a 2.3 billion dollar 2nd quarterly profit, everyone walks the streets with a cellphone in their pocket and an ounce of gold is worth $1050. What a METAMORPHOSIS in 95 years!

My Grandmother just had her 95th birthday this past week and it was decided that such a momentous occasion required a relatively big SHINDIG to commemorate such an amazing feat! Oma has lived a long and full life, giving birth to 5 children including 2 girls and 3 boys. Those children in turn had 23 grand children and those grandchildren had another 85 great grand children and of course, as my blogger peeps know, my daughter provided the first GREAT GREAT Grandchild this year. And she’s a real CUTEY PIE. Good looks run in the family!

If you think about it, my Grandmother has really done her part for the Canadian government and the tax man. The math is quite mind boggling, really. If each one of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren make an average of $50,000 per year then by my calculations, Oma’s offspring contribute about 2.82 MILLION TAX DOLLARS to the government coffers each and every year! Oma, you deserve a BIG PARTY.

I would like to take a moment here to apologize to any accountants who may stumble upon this post. Math has never been my strong point. There may be a few inaccuracies in the above calculations and I could be out by 100,000 more or less. Good thing I don’t do the books at Darvonda!

Fortunately for me, I was on the decorating committee with Fifi, my sister-in-law. Fall colors were the theme of the party. We rounded up as many kids as we could to help wash down all the chairs, set the tables, blow up the balloons and sweep the floors. In no time, everything was ready for a room full of partiers.

But something was missing…….we needed a bit of a WOW factor. I figured a few PIMPED OUT PUMPKINS were needed to really pull the whole theme together. So, I whipped out to the store and bought 3 fall bouquets, 2 pumpkins and some fresh flower oasis. In no time at all I was stabbing that poor old gourd with wild abandon. I popped in my fresh floral oasis and placed the greens at even intervals. It wasn't long and I had my first pumpkin pimped.

For those of you who want a more in-depth explanation of how to pimp a pumpkin, here it is in slow motion. Start with the greens, covering the oasis thoroughly. Imagine that all the stems begin at some point in the bottom center of the oasis. Poke them in at an angle so the appear to grow naturally from the center of the pumpkin. Next add the Solidago evenly between the greens. Try to get a nice round ball like appearance so that the stems are at an even height. Next add a few stems of Sedum……orange Gerberras and orange lillies......poke in a few small bull rushes and VOILA, you have a perfect centerpiece to add WOW to any party.

The ladies brought a wonderful spread for 80 that was savoured by young and old. Looks like Opera Diva is enjoying a bit of time with a special fella while everyone mingles to chat and renew old family ties.

Happy Birthday Oma! You are one amazing woman. You’ve lived a wonderful life, inspiring your family to live every day to the honor and glory of our heavenly God and Father. You have been a blessing to so many. We are honored to call you our Grandmother.

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11 Responses to “What a Difference 95 Years Makes!”

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy Birthday to your precious grandmother! Loved seeing you pimp that pumpkin for some pumpkin cuteness. They turned out cute as can be.

Happy Met Monday...


Sheila :-)

niartist said...

Love this post! Things sure have changed, haven't they! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE Those pumpkin center pieces - that's fantastic! Happy birthday to your wonderful grandmother. She's seen a lot in her years - and I'm sure that this was among the beautiful memories she's making!

Rebekah@Red's Nest said...

What a wonderful day to celebrate. Your pumpkin makeovers were just beautiful. I'm doing some next week and I hope they turn out that pretty.

Kammy said...

What a super sweet post - you and your sis did a great job decorating -love those punkins with the flowers !

The Persimmon Perch said...

What a great post. It is wonderful that your family gets together to celebrate. Your grandmother is very blessed and the pumpkins are really cute. Good job.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Tell your Grandma I am sending her birthday greetings and blessings from Texas! Give her a big hug and kiss and cherish the time you have with her.

Rosa said...

If your Oma heard you say you PIMPED out Pumpkins!!!!!
Well. . .
I'm pretty sure I know what she'd be saying to you!!
Love the pumpkins by the way. .

Lori E said...

Tamara this is so great. Happy Birthday to the smashing looking young lady. 95? Really? Lucky you for inheriting some good genes there.
This being Woman's History month I will point out that women in Canada didn't even have the right to vote when she was born.
I'll bet she has a great family tree.

{ L } said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Grandma and a big Happy Birthday to her too!! This is so amazing what you all did for her. And the decor is lovely.

Happy Met Monday!

Rue said...

Happy Birthday to your grandmother! 95 years young :)

I love those pumpkin flower arrangements Tamara!

You went to China?? And a cruise?? You are one traveling woman! Loved all the pictures :)


Marina said...

How wonderful to have HER close to you! I wish she lives many many happy and healthy years near to her beautiful family!!!
I'll follow your directions about the pumkins-vases on my husbands name-day! I'm sure my guests will be crasy with the idea;)