Monday, August 17, 2009

Grand Baby Update.......Still Waiting Patiently!

I thought I would bring you this lovely musical interlude to entertain all my fellow blogger peeps who are axiously awaiting along with me the safe arrival of the Wee One. Danny Boneduce and his duet buddy play a wonderfully fitting piece of music for your listening pleasure, full of suspense and anticipation, while we anxiously await the impending arrival!

Enjoy! And keep the new little family in your prayers :)


8 Responses to “Grand Baby Update.......Still Waiting Patiently!”

Rosa said...

What a wonderful piece of music!
They are all in my prayers tonight and I'll be waiting for that call.
Day or Night you can call!
Okay maybe just Day. . . lol

Tootsie said...

I am waiting and waiting and she keeps popping into my mind! I don't even know her! I put that post up for today a bit early. I hope you don't mind a little advertising!!!
I am so excited!

LovingLynden said...

Oh Tam - just got back from camping and checked your blog FIRST before unpacking to see what she had! It must be the genes, poor girl - I had to wait 3 weeks past my due date for one of mine. Hope and pray all goes well!

Saucy said...

The maternity photographs that expectant moms have taken these days are just precious. I wish it had been the thing to do twenty years ago!

Waiting for the exciting, life-changing news!!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Darn! My sound has mysteriously decided to flake out! I'll have to come back to listen.

Best to your baby and the impending bundle of joy!

Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

Found your comment on Saucy's blog and had to come see what you were talking about (nosy parker, eh?)

Fingers crossed everything goes well. "Wee One" is how I identify my youngest daughter on my blog :)

Lovely picture of the expectant Mommy!

Tootsie said...

for crying out loud!!! does this baby have no concept of punctuality???? come on already...we are waiting for you!!!! lol
I feel bad for her. I hope she is not uncomfortable..I know I was not a happy camper at the end with all three of mine!!!
maybe going up and saying BOO really loud will let that little angel wake up and want to smell some coffee!!!
keep me posted!

Lori E said...

The music was a lovely way to start my day. Good things take time.