Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Great Outdoors and a Mini Panic Attack

There's nothin' better than the great OUTDOORS, is there? Sittin' in the tube, floatin' lazily along the shore and stayin' in the water to cool down a wee bit..........tryin' to really get that core body temperature down.........snoozin in shade........watchin' the sun go down.......settin' up the fire for a little weeney roast.........spendin' time with family and friends........what could be more relaxin' ?!

Now just imagine that in the middle of all this relaxin' you get THIS text message from your very pregnant and due to have the baby anytime soon daughter on your blackberry.........WHAT? My very pregnant little Angel needs her Care Card number ASAP?

For you american readers out there, I may need to clarify this Care Card number thingy. This is our universal health care insurance number that allows us access to medical attention.......not great medical attention but.......I'll leave that story for another day.

Now, back to my story and my mini-heart attack moment. My little Angel had left the lake a few days ago and gone back home to finish off the baby's nursery. As you can imagine, the above message made my heart stop for a moment! Has the moment come to usher us old folks into Gramma and Grampa-hood? So I quickly messaged back........."Is it an EMERGENCY?"

As you can see, my son-in-law is not going to let me off the hook too easily because this is what he messaged me back..........but fortunately, the Wee One is waiting patiently for Gramma to get a little closer to home before he/she makes an appearance.

So, now I'm off to do a Winery tour just up the hill which involves looking at the wine cellar and tasting a number of different wines........Woohoo! Gotta GO! The wine's a waitin'.

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7 Responses to “The Great Outdoors and a Mini Panic Attack”

Anonymous said...

hehe, sorry about that mom. I told daryl not to worry about it, but he is starting to feel the pressure of this whole "baby could come any time" thing. He wouldn't wait a minute when I casually mentioned that I did not have my care card number :P

g.suzie said...

Oh I'm glad it was only a false alarm, don't want to miss out on those 'gramma moments'. Looks like you were having a great time, good luck on the new grandbaby!

Rosa said...

Oh man! That got the old heart racing didn't it?
Miss you.

Marina said...

I'm sure your heart stopped for a few minutes!!! Enjoy your vacations and don't worry! Grandchildren are waiting for their grandparents to be near!!!

Tootsie said...

I even got my heart rate up a bit there!!! I think I would be joined to her at this point...I can't wait to see that nursery all finished...and hear how you manage to make that grammy transition!!!
Glad she is waiting for you to be close..
oh...I posted some photos for know..that kick in the bum you so gently gave me the other day? it's full of weeds...but it is revealed! I have been crankily weeding the last few evenings...and I mean crankily...I hate weeding!
looks like you are enjoying life this week...

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like FUN!

Mary said...

I understand that feeling of momentary panic, but all's well that ends well.