Saturday, July 18, 2009

We've Got Squatters

Summer fun always includes boating in our family. We bought a boat years ago and have gone skiing every year since. The last 5 years have seen the Big Guy's enthusiasm for boating wane. He's getting older and doesn't like the way it feels to go bouncing around a choppy lake at 15 knots. I couldn't agree more. But the kids still love all the tubing fun!

This year we are having a problem with squatters hanging around our boat. Can you see those tiny little specks sitting on the front and back of the boat?Here's a closer pic of one of the offending visitors. It seems that our boat is just the perfect perch for this very bold female duck. All the male ducks can check her out from her perch on the back. They come from far and wide to win her over. It's really quite annoying how she takes control of HER turf as we approach OUR boat. I'm considering purchasing a big plastic owl and glueing it right to that back bench. Would that make us look like un-cool old people, ya think? I dunno.

We managed to shoo the little lady away along with her harem and went for a spin around the lake this afternoon. I must definately be getting old, people. Boating is just not what it used to be. I mean, did we always get so WET when we hit a big wave? And all that bouncing around, are the waves getting bigger these days or what? I even bribed Danny Boneduce to bring me a tube so he could ferry me back to shore without getting wet. I should've known he would let go and leave me stranded in the middle of the lake to paddle or swim back to camp.

Later in the day, the Big Guy decided that we should step out of our comfort zone and rent a ski-do. I let Mini-me go first because I KNOW how the Big Guy drives. He loves to scare the poop out of me any chance he gets. I pretended to be generous and let him take the kids for rides. I hate getting thrown from anything while travelling at 15 knots, regardless of wether or not I'm wearing a life jacket.

For dinner we decided to hit the local fruit stand and cook up a little fruit flambe. Danny was in charge of taking pictures and I was in charge of picking the best fresh fruit available. One thing I LOVE about camping in Osoyoos is the amazing fruit. I could do without the mosquitoes and the sunburn. Oh, and a room at a 5 star hotel would be really great too :)

A whole day in the sun definately takes it's toll. I mean, all that sitting and relaxing is hard work. Danny Boneduce was the first to show the effects of too much fun. We'll let him sleep there for the night. Danny can sleep anywhere!


4 Responses to “We've Got Squatters”

Rosa said...

I'd go for the hotel room in a heartbeat!
Hope you're having fun! :)
Wish I was there. (in the hotel. lol)

Tootsie said...

that is a bold duck!! lol
I wish my husband would lose his urge to boat. I hate that stupid piece of fiberglass....
looks like you guys are having fun!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Sooo Funny! But man....that glorius fruit is worth it! What was that turn off your engine sign...for boats??! Is that a drive your boat up you pick kinda place?? Wild!

And Girl...Is that youy in that Bikini?? WOwza!

trash talk said...

I felt ten degrees cooler just looking at the fruit. Oh his poor legs are really sunburned aren't they?
Hey, if it works for the Daisy Duck, let me know...maybe I'll come be a squatter!