Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're All Sold Out........

Ok blogger peeps, you are not going to BELIEVE the metamorphosis around here........we've gone from one very full, bursting at the seams greenhouse just 30 days ago to one very empty, clean as a whistle facility! Spring bedding plant sales have been just great and I'm here to tell you that in spite of a whole bunch of unexpected things like hiring a new logistics guy..........

we have managed to come out of this past season virually unscathed.

Location 2......... went from this in this in May.
We got 2 complete crops out this year and everything looked GORGEOUS!

Location 3.......... went from this.........another 2 crop rotations that worked out just wonderful!

And last but not least, we check out Sight 1.
This is where we started our business and this is where the Big Guy and I finished our Friday facility tours, making sure that every greenhouse was truly empty, cleaned out, nada left to sell. I thought you would like to see a picture of our beautiful granite and brick sign at the front of the.........hey wait a minute........what's that parked in the driveway??!! Aww Big Guy, you shouldn't have! You got me a new ride!!! I'm going to be able to do our facility tours in half the time from now on. No more traffic. No more late to lessons. Hmmmmm, I may have to rethink my footwear in the future.

OK, I'm just kidding. This is not my new ride. This is the helicopter we hired to spray white wash on the greenhouse so our poinsettia cuttings won't shrivel and die in the hot summer months. Yes, you read me right.........POINSETTIA cuttings are coming. Christmas is only a few months away people and it's time to start planning for the next festive season.

Now, all we have left to do is sweep up and throw out the dead plants before we can hit the beach.

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5 Responses to “We're All Sold Out........”

Rosa said...

Holy Cow!
You must be thrilled.
So are you going to take that little thing for a joy ride and drop in for a visit now that you have a little free time. . .
(A girl can dream you know. Me about another visit and you about free time. lol)

susan said...

You DESERVE the beac. What a joy (and lot of work) it must be to be the owner of these nurseries!

momofcrt said...

Wow I cannot believe the difference from when you first started years ago to what you have now, amazing.
Did you get to have a ride in the heli??

Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy,
Your greenhouses look amazing.
When you do take that chopper for a little spin to surprise Rosa with a visit, maybe you can take us back with you. I promise we will behave...for a little while.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

The whole time I was reading this fascinating post I was thinking "they must be preparing for Christmas" and sure enough, when I got to the end, that's exactly what you are doing. Always love your post Tamara. Fly that thing on down here for a visit. ~ Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn