Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Enough With The SNOW!

Today's post is dedicated to all those poor residents of the Prairie province, the one situated right next to us lucky British Columbians. Today was a bad day for my good friends and neighbors in ALBERTA. Today, a day in the middle of May, they got snow and freezing temperatures! The good citizens of British Columbia were out getting a tan by the sea while all my peeps out in the Prairies were freezing their tooshies off, probably even shedding a tear at the sight of a spring snowfall.

No, wait a minute. Some of us lucky British Columbians were busy picking a whole lot of bedding plants and planters for shipping to Alberta when the snow storm struck. Suddenly, half way through the day we get the call.

"Cancel ALL the orders!"

WHAT??!!! Cancel all the orders??!! That's like trying to stop a speeding locomotive that's travelling downs a steep mountain cliff!You can't just STOP all those orders.

I mean, if it was just a single Semi Load of plants.........MAYBE.

Even if it was 2 Semi Loads of product that we had to cancel.........PERHAPS.We could possibly even entertain the idea if it was 3 Semi Loads of cargo..........

But, when it's no less than 7 Semi truck loads, all equipped with 7 Semi truck drivers and 200 carts of product............well, you would probably do what we all did here at Darvonda this afternoon and just break out the Crown Royal and just start laughing! Seriously, I promise you, that's what you'd do.

I'll have to stop by the liquor store later and stock the liquor cabinet back up because it's gonna be cold in Alberta until Friday!


7 Responses to “Enough With The SNOW!”

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What! Snow! That is just not fair at all. What a mess for you all and that it caused extra work for your flower business.It probably will not last long at all but I know how you must feel. We had snow here in May in 2005 and it was so weird to see snow on trees and flowers that were fully out. Hang in there!

Tracey McBride said...

You have my sympathies!! Love the pictorial...especially the bird in the snow (pour guy).
Sounds like a "Royal" pain!

Chandra said...

So seriously, what did you guys do? Ship them anyway? Can't they just hang onto them a couple extra days on the other end?

Coco said...

Wow. Here in Georgia it has been in the high 80's. It has cooled a bit though with rain and is now in the 70's. I don't know how I would deal with that kind of weather.

Nancy-Mom said...

Fucshia baskets? Love those, we used to have them all the time but haven't really seen them for some time. Got any stores in our area selling them ?? Kelowna's too far plus we don't hsave a big box store card.
Your mom phoned yesterday and said it was snowing there,they're welcome to it !! Glad to hear you were still able to make the shipment. phew!!

momofcrt said...

it was virtually a blizzard last evening. it's chilly today but the sun was shining.
I'm hoping to go to Edmonton on Saturday and might pop in to Costco to check out your plants, will they be there?

Rosa said...

You have got to be kidding!!!
None of the snow stuck, thankfully.
My little greenhouse is crammed ful though. :)
Oh, and I blogged about the fushias!