Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Seriously Soapy Spring Season

Another week has come and gone and what a WEEK it was! Spring on the farm can be a very busy and stressfull time. This week we had the fun of dealing with a small pest infestation of the aphid kind at the greenhouse. They are nasty little critters that make a sticky mess of any plants they choose to call home. Unfortunately for us......they had taken up residence in our crop of ornamental grass......don't ask me why. But, our little infestation made a most interesting METAMORPHOSIS occur here in our little town of Milner! We saw a massive transformation in the men of the family, and I can tell you that it was a very good transformation.

It turns out that after the aphids were anihilated by a good dose of some chemical or other, we had to go and wash every pot down with soapy water until there was no sign of their existence left. And guess who got the fun job of washing those pots........the guys. I'm not sure the Big Guy knows what a dish brush is, let alone have ever seen him use one. I can hear him defending himself as he reads this post but trust me when I tell you, he is not terribly acquainted with soap and water.

I can already hear the Big Guy arguing about this post. It would go something like this........

BIG GUY: "I do SO know what a DISH BRUSH is, Tamara! How dare you suggest I never do the dishes!"

TAMARA: "You NEVER do the dishes, Big Guy.......we've had an automatic dishwasher for years!"

Now back to my story, try to imagine 50,000 six inch pots that need to be washed and inspected before being shipped to market.......that sort of job requires a huge effort on our part and, regardless of the Big Guy's inexperience with a dish brush, he and the boys dug right in and cleaned up the mess and here's a video to prove it!


I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes :) It was an amazing METAMORPHOSIS for my Monday morning posting.

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6 Responses to “A Seriously Soapy Spring Season”

xinex said...

OMG, that looked like a lot of work. I sure hope you solved the problem....Christine

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Oh Tamara - those aphids are the biggest pests - believe me I know. It's like one day everything is clean and then the next - well, there they are!!!! Hate is a strong word - but I REALLY do hate those lil bugs!!! Now on to something more fun - your new/old retail greenhouse - how great is that!!!! The setting is wonderful and I bet you sell out in a jiffy. I love the way you have incorporated furniture - it looks great!!!! So happy for you guys - now you can enjoy some of the selling at home instead of having to ship it all away. Best wishes for a great season! Cathy

Rosa said...

UHGHH!! Well that was the last thing you needed!
I hope you've seen the last of those pesky critters!

antigoni said...

I know you're very busy this time of year, so don't worry about the gift. I can wait. I'm not going anywhere. Do your job without any pressure. You have enough things to think about. After all i'll wait for your son's CD and i'll send you the money. Just tell me the price.

LexyB said...

Sheesh - that looks like more work than moving house! I admire your tenacity

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Wow, I'm still stuck at 50,000 pots! You needed a giant "plant" dishwasher! That must have taken forever! Hope you don't see anymore of those critters anytime soon! Susan