Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Quick Visit to Edmonton, The Land of Perpetual Winter

Wow, we're finally HOME! Can you believe it?! This greenhouse business is very demanding as far as being away from home is concerened but there's one place I love to visit......Edmonton. For the last few years I've had to travel to Edmonton to do a seminar in the spring for one of our customers. Normally, I don't really like being away from my kids but......Edmonton is different. Why is it different, you ask? Well, it's because my big sister Rosa lives there. I LOVE visiting Rosa!
Can you believe this? Here's Rosa baking us fresh oatmeal cookies to go with our coffee! I didn't even know you could bake cookies in your own oven at home :) I thought they came from the grocery store.

Now, Rosa has a really green thumb. Rosa is also a blogger and keeps us all updated and informed about what's going on in her garden on a fairly regular basis. Just click here to read more She comes by her green thumb naturally, as compared to me........I married into the business when I met the Big Guy........she just started gardening because she loves it. She's a natural. She's so natural that her office also doubles as a greenhouse. Here's the Big Guy checking out her plants on her lit tables. In the old days, these grow bed used to be in her BEDROOM! She is a DIE HARD gardener!

We got a tour of her new greenhouse that she put up this past summer in her back yard. I don't know how Rosa does it but, together with her hubby, they got this beauty up and running for Spring 2009. It's not as full of plants as Rosa would like but.......if this was my little greenhouse and I lived in Alberta where the winter is 11 months long, I'd have my coffee in here every day! It's toasty warm and it feels like spring, even though it's below zero outside!

After the greenhouse tour, Rosa and I met my Mom and my Little Angel at West Edmonton Mall for some serious shopping. If you have never been to WEST EDMONTON MALL, let me tell you, it's a shopper's paradise. We needed to stop for a big lunch so that we could fuel up with sufficient energy to be able to really do the Mall justice! We were on the prowl for maternity clothes and shoes........the shoes were for me........the maternity clothes for my Little Angel :)
The other thing we ALWAYS do when we visit Edmonton is go visit a garden center. Rosa knows all the good places to go. To Rosa, flowers are like a drug, and she knows where to get the best! This time we visited Hole's Garden Center. Would you look at this cool display?! I wanna do this in OUR retail this year! And do you see this giant SEED display?Look at Rosa drooling over these seed packets like a kid in a candy store! I'm afraid that we may need to stage an intervention one of these days!
Rosa, thanks for being such an amazing are just the greatest! I hope that Spring comes soon for all you poor Albertan's :)


7 Responses to “A Quick Visit to Edmonton, The Land of Perpetual Winter”

Tootsie said...

okay...first I didn't realize Rosa was your sis!!!! or that she lived so close to me!!!!
I have been reading her blog for months and had not put the two things together...blonde moment!!!

second. I am SO sorry I couldn't make it up to see you. I would have loved to meet you...and ROSA!!!! she is a girl after my own heart. (and she can garden under lights!)
I am curious as to the heat in that greenhouse...I wonder if she adds heating to help it out a little bit? If she wants some tips on how I did it in the one I had....well there's something I can do!

I hate winter....hate it! hope you have a great trip home time we WILL visit...and have fun!
Oh...and if you must send me plants...I would love it! But if you don't...I still love ya!

Nancy-Mom said...

Wow, that sis of yours is obsessed with gardening. She must have picked up the bug from you guys cause I don't think it came from either parents' side !! Good for you guys, you grow em and hubby buys em for me, keep it up!!
Need to see some 'baby bump' pictures soon :o)

momofcrt said...

Glad you had a great time in Edmonton.
I need to go visit your mom one of these days, it's been since Christmas time that I saw her!
I love the WEM, great mall to wander around in.
Did your daughter find any good bargains?

Nola @ the Alamo said...

It's no nice to see you together, since I "see" you daily on each of your blogs. I dream of a nice little greenhouse like that; I could keep plants going all year with one of those!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

A family that blogs together.....

Love her little greenhouse, and especially after seeing your little greenhouse in the post below!

Spring is coming your way...promise!

A Hint of Home said...

What a nice trip you had. Got to see family and have fun with them. Shopping is always a plus.
Good luck with the plants.

Pam Kersting said...

I feel like I know your whole family from your posts! I have an identical twin and when we get together, we always go to the local garden center as well!