Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today is "Hockey Day in Canada"

It's a BIG day up in Canada today because it's the official day to celebrate our national sport, HOCKEY! Can I here everyone say "Woo hoo!" ?!
In honor of our official Hockey Day, today I dedicate my post to Danny Boneduce and his hockey addiction. He LOVES his hockey, that's for sure. Last night he had a really BIG game. 4 guys from the team were missing and he was feeling a huge responsibility to carry the team during their time of need. We hopped in the van and raced off to the rink for a 7 o'clock game. The Big Guy and I like to eat dinner in the restaurant above the rink where we have a great view of the action.

Danny goes off to the locker room and within a few minutes he come back out with a look of sheer panic on his face.

"Mom, I forgot some of my equipment at home! I left my helmet, shoulder pads and elbow pads on the deck to dry. Without them, they won't let me on the ice. Can you phone Aunty Lisa and see if she has some extra equipment I can use?" he pleads.

Right about this time I'm starting to feel my blood pressure rise and my heart is beginning to palpitate. I mean, this is serious stuff. The TEAM is allready down 4 players and now Danny is at risk of being the 5 th. We just can't let this happen.

We call Aunty Lisa, who is the epitome of a hockey mom, because she lives 5 minutes away from the rink and is sure to have old stuff we can use. But she's not what? Let's call Timmy, her son. He'll have something we can use!

SCORE! Timmy has some stuff we can borrow so we race off to pick it up (see Timmy below). Thanks Timmy! You're the BEST! Danny Boneduce remains at the rink to put on whatever gear he does have in his bag while the Big Guy and I race of for the pick up.

Suddenly the cell phone's Danny......."Uhmmmm, can you ask Timmy if I can borrow his........uhhhhh.........his...... mfmblfm.......too?".

"His what?" I say.


"His what? I can't hear your?" I reply.

"His JOCK STRAP, Mom!"

Hmmmmm. I wonder what Don Cherry would think about borrowing someone else's jock strap?

We finally get to Timmy's and he shoves all his spare gear into my hands, realizing that time is of the essence. The game begins in 5 minutes!

There I am, sittig in the van with the gear in my lap and I suddenly realize that it has been worn recently. VERY recently. Oh what we mother's do for our kids! I wonder if they will every appreciate the lengths we go to :)

Danny Boneduce played his heart out last night........struggling with the helmet that didn't quite fit (that's him in the middle, fiddling with his helmet during a time out). Don Cherry would've been proud. Danny kept trying to adjust it so it would be a bit more comfortable, even asking the Referee for assistance just before facing off.

Well, sad to say, the final score was a little lopsided, in favor of the opposing team. No matter how hard they skated, they just couldn't make things happen. Even though the team was down way too many players, they played hard.......and a good time was had by all........regardless of the score. Too bad Don Cherry wasn't there to see hockey at it's BEST!



10 Responses to “Today is "Hockey Day in Canada"”

Rosa said...

And that's what life's all about isn't it?
We do what ever it takes to get the job done.
Great job Danny!

marina said...

I love Don Cherry's jackets...!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hey Tamara - cool hockey pics - that is one sport I know nothing about. Not much hockey playing in Kentucky. Thank you for your kind comment - and You'd be welcome at the store anytime. But I'm afraid you'd be so disappointed - I've been looking at your greenhouse facilities on your webpage and OH MY GOSH - what an absolutely beautiful place. Do you just not love every single day going to work there??? And your family - 5 sweet kiddos - and that picture with all the instruments - stunning.

I'm hoping you can help me with something. I'm looking for a lime green mum. Do you know anything about them and/or do you all carry them. I've looked for a long time on the web and only found some overseas and they seem to be more in the "cutting flower" style mum. But I know they are out there - any suggestions? You seemed like the PERFECT person to ask.

You say you'd like to visit my lil' store - well honestly, I want to move and come work for you -haha!

Have a great weekend. Cathy

marina said...

Ha,ha,ha!!!We were writting each other at the same time!

Tootsie said...

I was up and showered, fed, brushed and washed 3 kids and out the door to sit my big round butt in a stand to watch my son play hockey for 7AM!!!!
it is hockey day alright....make that hockey weekend...I have to do it all again tomorrow morning. (did I ever tell you that NOTHING good happens during the day when I have to wake two little sisters up at 5:45AM to attend the big brother's games?) lol

I can't stand Don...he gets under my skin...
glad you are having such fun with the hockey..and that the crisis was cleared up!

Tootsie said...

Forgot to kid's team is undefeated so far for the season...and for that, I am happy to attend and watch him score a goal or two...!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Oh, the life of a Canadian hockey mom! I have never watched hockey. Nor did I have sons. I can only imagine...

momofcrt said...

What a great day for hockey. I am pathetic, I watched all three games.
Cheered the LOUDEST for the Canucks win of course GO SUNDIN LOL
You are a great hockey mom, I'd have done the same (and have done) for my boys.
I kind of miss them playing. Ah well, I play goalie at school for the green team and the teacher's team. So far I've lost only one game of the six I played. :-)

Erica Feunekes said...

LOVE Hockey! I totally miss watching hockey day in Canada! Us Canadians are so hockey crazy that we taught the other non-Canadians out here how to play ball hockey and now there are a whole bunch of hockey crazy people here from all different countries!! So fun!!

antigoni said...

Congratulations for your new set of wheels. I like "The fair lady" very much. I don't know much about hockey. But i like to see sports.