Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Music Video Update

The music video is starting to come together people! I'm trying to get the whole thing finished before the end of the week so we really knuckled under to get the filming done. Today we filmed up on the mezzanine because..........well........I thought it would look real cool! Look at Mini Me just rockin' the house up there.

So, Opera Diva was working the camera and filming from the SKY JACK. We had to get an extra person to run the scissor lift because we wanted to have a bit of video shot from below, slowing panning upwards until we were equal in height. We're going for a bit of an artsy, fartsy kinda feel to our music video. We're hopin' that it will go VIRAL once we put it on You Tube.

I was the stylist for this shoot. I'm afraid I went a little hog wild at Walmart and Value Village buying a bunch of different outfits. I needed stuff that said SPRING since this is a video about spring plants. Bright colored umbrellas, rubber boots, hats and scarves were the perfect choice, I figured.

I must say, I have a renewed admiration for all the ladies on those MTV videos that dance like crazy for the cameras........I was getting a major side cramp from all that boppin' and jumpin' we were doin'. Man, I'm getting WAAAAYYY too old to be bouncing around like an 18 year old!

So, tomorrow I've got my little Angel working full tilt on editing the footage we got. I'll be bringing her tea, cookies, fresh veggies, whatever she wants, so that she doesn't need to leave her computer for even a second. I can't WAIT to see how it's gonna turn out!


5 Responses to “Music Video Update”

antigoni said...

Are you in the blues? I don't believe it. You look like teenager.
Good for you. I hope you manage what ever you want. I'm sure you will. You can do anyhing. I've never met anyone so capable as you are.

Rosa said...

Boy does that ever look like fun!!
Wish i was there. . .
Don't forget to e-mail me the date you are going to be here, so I can get another driver for my route.
Miss you.

CurtissAnn said...

I agree-- you are capable and creative! Would love to see the end result.

And how wonderful the musical concert with your kids! Beautifully done. I was just listening to Vivaldi on a CD. :)

momofcrt said...

I had a hard time figuring out which of the ladies was you!! you're such a hot mama LOL
I played hockey at lunch today, not goalie this time, but out WHOA you know you're getting older when.......
You look fantastic,

Anonymous said...

man! thats one sexy guitar that breanne girl is holding!... you should buy her one of those permanently!